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      Put him on your index finger like he is on perch and from your left hand ask him to shake hand by giving loud and firm command HELLO he does it's well fine if he does not rub your left-hand finger on his belly within a weeks time he will respond to your command. Ensure he raises his leg the one you want not other else he will get confused on your command

    • LachIan

      Alexander parrots me male or female (Gender) kaise check kiya jaay bhai???mera Alexander parrot 5 months ka hua hai..📲9879154700 whatsapp number hai

    • Avinash Baisane

      Sar kay feed deni hai jise wo shikhe, aur hand shake mera baby parrot kar raha hai ab

    • usman lifes

      Ap k is baby parrot ki age kya ha

    • Archana Chaubey

      Radhe i♥️s♥️♥️ very intelligent and patient. In every video she is so sweet. Very nice stands👌👌👌👌. Very nice video👍👍👍

    • Safian Rashid

      Konse nut feed kare hai ho

    • Srijita sarkar

      Accha parrots ko kya koi medicine dena parta hai??

    • Make joke video on channel

      Wow Radhe so cute 👌👌👌

    • Manni K


    • Monalisa Thakur

      Training ke dauran kya dete ho bhaya

    • Ringneck Parrot Paradise

      Sir sabhi ke channal me likh kr aata hai home , videos , playlist , about ! Lekin sir ye mere channal me nahi aata hai but kyu

    • Rj Gaming

      Bhai ab bta bhi do Alexander parrot kaha milenge

    • Diya Mestry

      Very good boy Radhe video bahut acha laga Love❤😘 Radhe Tweety tittu guttu

    • parrot lover

      beautiful parrot

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