birb forgot her hooman |my sun conure laid egg but don't remember me| cute and funny video #shorts

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My sun conure all grown up and breeding but wait they forgot me?? It is an issue for almost every conure owner forgot mom when she brings wife for him issue for every family married life #conure #breeding #egg #parrot #pets #birds #kawaii #tiktok #hooman #shorts #foryou #memes #wife #mom #husband #love
Everyday is a party at just beaks aviary where there are cute parrots goofing around having fun partying, playing, preening, cuddling and being simply adorable. I have conures, cockatiels and alexandrine parrots rest are other people’s parrots which were given to us for either of the following reason.
Me and my husband rescue parrots. We also hand raise baby parrots until they can eat on their own for those people who can not raise their parrot babies. We also tame and train parrots for people who can not handle their parrots and then we return their parrots to their owners. I also parrot sit for when someone has to leave their parrots for some days due to any emergency.
I myself own many tame parrots all rescued and I have completed each of their pairs with similar soulmates so that they can have a similar partner and of coarse they also have “us” their hooman to love them and pamper them.
I have given my life to these little naughty goofballs trying to make their lives better spending the day cuddling them loving them and taking care of them.
All we ask for is some love and support.
This channel is only purely for parrot lovers. Subscribe my channel if you are interested in their cute and naughty videos. We will be uploading content to show you different aspects and circumstances that parrot owners face. We will be uploading different pet parrots lives video.

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