Here are presented the following bird songs (some names sound pretty weird, esp. to a German native speaker): 00:00 blackbird 00:31 blue tit 00:49 great tit 01:09 yellowhammer 01:38 hoopoe 01:49 skylark 02:12 nightingale 02:41 thrush nightingale 03:09 swift 03:24 chimney swallow 03:44 grey wagtail 04:05 chaffinch 04:19 sedge warbler 04:36 wren

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    27 replies to "Bird Songs"

    • Viktor Helli

      Thanks for the list, proforma95!
      Köszi a felsorolást!

    • Pinkbadgerunicorn england

      your poor bird, why do you do that? What type of bird to you have?

    • Jadenoel817

      I used this to Cthulhu my dog when she went a runnin

    • MarcsWoods


    • OoMASEoO

      Skylark reminds me of the olden days of a dial up modem… oh the horror!

    • AnotherRetardedKid

      Original dubstep..

    • griffineagle7

      this is positive internet love it 🙂

    • proforma95

      Az elhangzás sorrendjében:

      fekete rigó (Turdus merula)
      kékcinke (Parus caeruleus)
      széncinke (Parus major)
      citromsármány (Emberiza citrinella)
      búbos banka (Upupa epops)
      mezei pacsirta (Alauda arvensis)
      fülemüle (Luscinia megarhynchos)
      nagy fülemüle (Luscinia luscinia)
      sarlósfecske (Apus apus)
      kéménysarlósfecske – (Hirunda rustica)
      hegyi billegető (Motacilla cinerea)
      erdei pinty (Fringilla coelebs)
      foltos nádiposzáta (Acrocephalus schoenobaenus)
      ökörszem (Troglodytes troglodytes)

    • Jaedyn Hanson

      I play this with my bird, and he freaks out, almost like he sees a tiger or somethan! It cool. 😀 thanks:)

    • Irene Mulder

      I listen this with my kitty. He loves it!

    • darkashly13

      My dog likes this

    • S Wattz

      My cat loves this and looks out the window lol

    • Julia Linden

      My cockatiel loves the thrush nightingale, he literally goes mad when I play it.

    • bruvcuzfam

      Literally came here for the same reason

    • TheGraphicHunter

      haha putted hedfphones to my cat and he was like what is there bird inside?? 😀

    • hithayajamilah hithayathulla

      It long to load fster lah

    • millertas

      My cat is always interested in the PC (well just the mouse)

    • MrSteamie

      My cockatiel loves the 1st bird.

    • Fred Suero

      this only happens cause the democrats have the upper hand and then the bird sung

    • evifnoskcaj

      The sedge warbler sounds like dubstep.

    • katlajonna6677

      Swallow is estonian bird!


      try RELAXATION WORK/STUDY music while youre working~

    • ledchan1

      I play this to my birds

    • Lieberdk

      2:41 must be the bird they got the sound inspiration to the car alarm

    • Nicholas Erwin

      This is great, my cat loves this so much! She even curled up in a ball on my lap while listening to this, she never does this. I’m going to play this more often.

    • galavicsa

      How Swans look in 15x speed 🙂 check out

    • Music143Mania

      Is there another name for the blue tit? I want to use it in a story but don’t feel like calling it a blue tit . . .

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