Tricks on video:
flap wings
through the tube
put in the box (retrieve)
send the mail
the the ball (basketball)
slide down the slide
push the trolley
roll the ball
ride the scooter

Remember that birds learn better with visual commands rather than verbal commands.

These are just some of the tricks Bicki can do- I have individual trick videos! Please watch them as well!

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    27 replies to "Bird training: My lovebird can do clever tricks"

    • kilau ido2
    • socalbby

      so Awesome and cute

    • Mistah Turoks

      at 0:52 hes waiting for the treat hahha, awesome.

    • Audrey Lee

      How long have you had your bird? How long did it take you to teach it those tricks?

    • Audrey Lee

      How long have you had your bird? How long did it take you to teach it those tricks?

    • kidrauhlgang

      Omg how did you teach him those tricks? I got the same lovebird, so also the same colors. He is 5 years now, Ive got him for 3 years now and can I still like teach him this?

      Cause all he does now is eat from my head, chill on my shoulder and jump over pencils haha…

    • Brianna Campanita

      Omg thats soo cute and awesome!!

    • Jikjik Jojo

      Hi i just want to know where did u buy the toys??

    • sweetblossom007

      what is the treat you give him?

    • Michelle Guerrero

      OHMYGAWSHHH so cute xD♡

    • Starsonedge

      whats she treating with

    • Cosette Miller

      thats sooooo cool

    • tanya calver

      nar not bitches jokin

    • tanya calver

      what do u treat them with and how to train bitches

    • Vince Gatke

      omg I have two of those lovebirds just in black and blue… how do you teach those tricks?????????????????

    • gtariman03

      probably because of their owner's attitude. be more calm and they will have the same attitude.

    • GeneralTampon

      no animal is crappy. only owners. you need to be patient and develop trust for them to come out of the cage. work with them and remember to be patient and you can teach them anything.

    • crazytattoofreak

      @mskyy1992 better a young bird just out of the nest, and they can get 15 years old.

    • steph sky

      omg! i have been interested in lovebirds for awhile now, do you have to start them from babies to do this? or can you from when they are older?
      also how long do they live?

      please respond!

    • Aibo Addicts

      The look on his face when you ask him to roll the ball makes me laugh… he reminds me of my Marty. Mine is only 5 months old, I taught him this week to turn around 360… but thats it so far. I would like to teach him the wave trick, and the basketball. So cute. Great video. Do you still have him?

    • ilovetino08

      omg how do u do it

    • VahTheBest

      @RonaxCP are they hand raised?

    • VahTheBest

      @clairehelene22 sunflower seeds, any pet store or coles/woolworths should have them. 🙂

    • sbloveaholic

      @yukuefumei would you happen to know how to get a lovebird out of the cage w/o having to use treats like a bait?
      And thankfully, my lovebird is comfortable standing on my finger than anywhere else in the house! But it usually doesn't like me trying to get him to step up when he's in the cage..

      It also… thinks everything is food and not a toy..

    • yukuefumei

      very cute, our lovebird was very stubborn. I didn't think they would do all that!

    • yukuefumei

      @sbloveaholic an untamed bird doesn't take to anyone immediately usually. Especially lovebirds. Give him some time 🙂

    • Pozy

      hello im gonna get bird so can u give me tips how to do the bird tame

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