This #birding tour in the #Amazon of Tambopata, southeast of #Peru, offers a variety of habitats within walking distance from our lodges

Discover the mixed flocks in the different types of levels of the forest like Paradise Tanager, Green-and-gold Tanager, Flame-crested Tanager, Turquoise Tanager, Opal- rumped Tanager, and in our observation tower, in addition to the birds typical of the canopy such as macaws, toucans you might find Cream-colored Woodpecker, Gilded Barbet, Plum-throated Cotinga, and Striolated Puffbird.

On the way to the oxbow lake you can look for the bamboo specialists such asWhite-cheeked Tody Tyrant, Peruvian Recurvebill, Red-billed Scythebill, Rufous-headed Woodpeckeand, and in the lake, we can find water-eyed birds such as kingfisher, hoatzin or herons.

Along the macaw clay lick, discover the 4 species of larger and colorful macaws and hundres of parrots

The Tambopata National Reserve area has reported the presence of 632 birds, where the presence of the harpy eagle (Harpia harpyja), the crested eagle (Morphus guianensis), the common curassow (Mitu tuberosa), the unicorn curassow (Pauxi unicornis) and the carunculated paujil (Crax globulosa) stands out. In the Tambopata National Reserve there are almost all the species of macaws that inhabit Peru.

The Highlights

Our birdwatching expeditions not only have an especially designed program but also a trained birding guide.
As a private expedition, you will be able to explore along the journey to/from the lodge at your own pace including road’s secondary forest and birds from the riverbanks.
Identify different species of parrots or macaws from the parrot clay lick and canopy tower.
Look for endemic birds on bamboo forest patches
Join a birding night walk

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