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Welcome to the Advanced Level! This is where you begin to see how all your hard work and dedication in creating a solid foundation is going to pay off long-term.

We are going to let you in on a little secret though…the thing about training is that it NEVER ENDS – even we, at BirdTricks, are constantly working with our birds and adapting to new challenges with them. What we want to teach you is how to become the trainers – how to spot, diagnose, and re-mediate the issues yourself!

Using the foundations from our beginner course, along with the new techniques (and personalized instruction!) that this course gives, we are setting YOU up for success!

In this course you will receive…

1) Family Friendly Parrot Formula 2 Video – The second installment in the Family Friendly Parrot Formula series, Part 2 breaks down some of the more nuanced training techniques such as the 60/40 rule, consistently being inconsistent, the ABC’s, and much more!

2) One Day Miracles Video Series – This 12-episode video series documents Jamie and Dave’s journey to go into homes with “problem birds” and transform the birds and families in just 24 hours. Each episode is a different bird and a different family with a wide range of problems. What’s so amazing about this series is that, while it is extremely educational (try testing yourself to see if you spot the problems before they point them out!), it is also highly entertaining!!

3) A 30-minute PERSONAL 1-on-1 consult with Jamie and/or Dave – Yes, you read that right – with this course you get to gather everything you have learned, along with all the questions you’ve wanted to ask along the way, and get personalized instruction for YOUR specific situation with Jamie and Dave. We understand that everyone has a different environment, a different background, a different story – and we want to help you become the best trainers we know you can be. Look for the download file “CONSULT INSTRUCTIONS” to get set up*
Some additional bonuses are…

1) How to Potty Train Your Parrot – Just because we love our birds doesn’t mean we have to love cleaning up after their multitude of messes! While you never want to restrict your bird’s natural needs, you can influence where they happen with our potty training guide!

2) Parrot Ownership Guide – This is the guide for the person who wants to know it all – everything from building a t-stand to interviewing a vet. Got a general parrot care question? Most likely this guide has an answer!




MY BIRDS (Oldest to Youngest) 🐦❤

BONDI 💗 Galah | hatched 2005
CRESSI 💗 Congo African Grey | hatched 2007
BANDIT 💙 Galah | hatched 2008
JINX 💙 Blue Throat Macaw | hatched 2008
COMET 💙 Yellow-Dominant Camelot Macaw | hatched 2008
TUSA 💙 Blue-Green Dominant Camelot Macaw | hatched 2008
ROCKO 💙 Toco Toucan | hatched 2011
LILY & PHOEBE & DETKA 💗 Sun Conures | hatched 2011

BirdTricks is a husband-wife team; Dave and Jamieleigh Womach specialize in parrot training and companionship.

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    10 replies to "BirdTricks Advanced Level Training"

    • Cole Nalle

      Wow…… Great video that you uploaded Jamieleigh and I'm so proud of you. Excellent!!!!! 😃😍😊😊😊😊❤💘😉

    • Guy katz

      woah so cool! I really look up to you as birds trainer, I live in a country that birds are really misunderstood and I really dream about being a master bird trainer one day when I grow up (I’m 19 haha), parrots are such a complex animal and regardless the fact that birds are my favorite animal species I’m really bummed that they’re so misunderstood as pets… I want to learn more from you because I really connect with you philosophy about bird training and I treasure every penny I earn so I could get more information from your courses.

    • MN WorldBD

      Bahhh,….. Very useful topics shree…

    • Marisa Dobson

      My bird is very stubborn and I used to think he was just going to be untrainable, but watching your videos gives me hope that I can get somewhere with him

    • Fayez Marashdeh

      You're a good nice teacher.

    • Ivana Tsaloukas

      Love you videos all your birds are so cute

    • Ciara Johnston

      Wow, your videos are incredibly helpful. You are Emy favourite YouTuber. A friend asked if she could put a rope around her birds foot if she can't get a harness. I wasn't sure since I had never done it, and I don't think it's so acceptable but need advice from a true professional❣️❣️❣️

    • 욜패티비_YOLO&PATCH TV

      I get a lot of help in your video for my birds. Thank you all the time.

    • nickizcool20

      Thank you! You are so awesome

    • Trisha DeLancey

      I love the advanced bonus trick course!! I used it to help teach my board to skateboarding! 😁. You should do a video discussing that course. It has so many cute tricks in it to teach

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