Also known as the black-headed caique, black-capped parrot or pallid parrot, this exotic bird is available for Sale at Salman’s Exotic Pet Store in Jogeshwari West, Mumbai India.

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    10 replies to "Black Capped Caique At Salman's Exotic Pet Store"

    • Fazal Hamidani

      Ye salman ko dekh ke lagta hai ke nashe mai hai..bhailog isse bird nai purchase karna bohot jada price quote karta hai

    • Mohammed Asif

      Assalam walikum fahad bhai. Can you ask salman bhai about bird's harness is it good to use, it's benefits and disadvantages of using it.

    • Tausif Shaikh

      Faisal bhai he is selling birds 3 times higher than actual market price. But that's his marketing strategy and i wish him luck.


      मासआल्ल बहुत बेहतरीन चिड़िया हैं

    • Umesh Sawant

      Video quality is excellent

    • Abdullah Binzaila

      Bhai kbhi salman bhai ka poora farm bataiye plzz har baar sirf ek bird aisa batate ho

    • home boy

      Congrats Bhai 🎉👏 for 500k subscribe 👌🏼💞

    • daud monu

      Always like fsa.

    • Percy346 gaming

      very expensive I am buying a pair of cockatiel for 3000 only in exotic world

      I will get a heart 💔 attack

    • saini langerpuriya,dasuya

      So nice birds

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