Having a look at the behaviour of my Parrot fish I am thinking I should consider getting a fourth to even the odds. I would love to hear your thoughts on that.

Please check out Cindy’s amazing Reef!! Her channel is awesome. Recently Cindy has created a molly reef. It’s stunning!!


September 17, 2017
7:56 AM
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    • GoldFish Tank

      They look great! I can't believe the one is over 7 years old! nice info on them!

    • Born Free

      Beautiful fish complemented by the clean and simple setup. Very appealing!
      Thanks for sharing and have a great long weekend Deb!

    • Cichlidscape •

      They look great deb👍🏻🐟 tank looks super clear too!

    • V. Stag

      Awesome video Thanks for sharing FishFam NJAE19

    • Ulster Cichlids

      Hi, great looking tank 👍 haven't been on yt in sooo long lol

    • Fishman

      Got to love the personality of these guys, though I find hearing my name all the time disconcerting lol! Hope you are enjoying your long weekend Deb!

    • Bavarian Cichlid's and Pleco's

      So beautiful 😍

    • Friday Fish Facts

      Deb those blood parrots are beautiful

    • B Lee's Pets

      Love the parrot fish. One that's on my wish list. Just need the bigger tank for them. Your tanks always look so beautiful. My 29 gallon tank has algae that I can't seem to scrap off. Any ideas to help get rid of it before it starts looking real bad? Love your vids Deb. Blessings😀💕🐟

    • JustMyFish

      Nice video Deb. That tank is spotless 😊. They are beautiful Fish. 👍😉❤

    • ThirstyRabbit Tanks2U

      Oh yeh. I’m not aloud these. My wife can not see there beauty

    • Reefgrrl

      They look lovely together in this tank! Have you vented Eric to check if he is indeed a male? I never did….🤔

      Thank you so much for the shout out! Mollywood is a lot of fun to keep. Always tons of action in there! 😁

    • The Budget Aquarist

      You really put some time and thought into naming your fish. I love the names of these three.

    • jmz mrz

      you should get a king kong parrot like mine https://youtu.be/lI-2URx1VHQ

    • Lito Loco 4 Fish

      There are beautiful DebTim

    • Messenger 22

      Good idea Deb with the fourth parrot fish. Tank is looking very nice and clean! Have a great weekend! =)

    • Lee and Mandy Battersby

      They are growing so quick .. I love the faces on these fish … hope you have a great weekend 🙂

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