We got a day of warm weather in April which gave me time to setup Burt’s aviary and Poppy Rabbit’s cage. It’s now May 5th and that was the only day they could go out as it’s been cold and raining since. If the sun has shone, it’s still too cold. Hopefully soon Burt will be able to go back out to enjoy her mirror and corner shelf donated by Amber & Andy Whitcomb.

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    • Гоша Гребиниченко

      Он отвлекает Макса! От важных дел! )

    • Mary Blogg

      🦋🐻🐱🌞🌈 Burt Parrot Is Beautiful + Intelligent… 🕊🌈 As Always, Thanks LOT 4 Sharing + LOVE 2 U ALL… 🌈🕊🐱🐻🦋💝

    • Marvin Schaber

      What about toys for enrichment?

    • Maria Sierra

      Nice parrot!. Greetings for Max! ❤

    • M L R

      that is one happy parrot!

    • Geneviève Ste-Marie

      Oh Bernadette, that bird loves you so much! What a sweet girl! Love to hear you talk together 😍

    • Darkness

      oh the shelf looks great in burts outdoor cage!

    • Klaus Toth

      Greetings from cold Austria -we've had snow here on 5th of May – to Burt and Poppy and Maxwell ! 🦁🐦🐰

    • Patrizia Ambrosi

      Hi nice sweet Burt…….😍😍😍😍😍

    • That's Me Rose!

      awww…Burt! sooo cool..HI BERNIE! AND MAX! LOTS OF LOVE! ✌😎😁💕💕💕

    • Princess Lupi

      Burt is a real talker. Does she talk in her sleep too? How old is she? 11yrs? All I know is I'm growing kinda fond of her. Please Give your little menagerie all a little love from me. (Especially Maxwell) And Happy upcoming Mothers day, WildlifeBernie. If anyone deserves a shout out its definitely you. 🐾💖

    • Wikki Sever

      Трава ещё не такая зелёная как Бурт.))


      What a lovely community of beings shown here. I see Burt does act like a proper lady (I had only seen one video of her in the shower 'clowning!' and doing an Exorcist/Linda Blair head turn).The little bunny, Poppy, looks so happily occupied in her space. I noticed Max pacing a little (like any ordinary big cat) and speculate that it was because Hopper's rendition of a bunny is so authentic. It makes Max's attempt at portraying an Easter bunny back in the video where he got into a bushel basket (devoid of crinkly grass and marshmallow eggs) pale by comparison. Or maybe Max not only likes Cornish hen but a little rabbit sometimes as well (smile)- thus the wooden wall. For a moment as he looked over at you spending all that time with Burt he seemed baffled …"like'what's going on, I'm the headliner of this troupe". I'm imaginative and appreciate your tolerance. My companion cat, Erika, of 19 years transitioned back into infinity yesterday…so seeing this helps brighten everything. Thank You and Blessings.

    • hoodiewoman louisiana

      Bert is beginning to charm me, and I’m not much for bigger birds. Raised up a few sparrows the cats brought home, tho. Bert is a smart lady! And truly strikingly beautiful. Greens in abundance — the colors of Spring.
      Of course you have a bunny. Shoulda known.

    • Martin Gentile

      Hi Bert, she's a pretty bird. Just as spoiled as Max. I'm sure.

    • funkmike

      That wolf whistle of his, LOL. Was it directed at the rabbit?

    • D'ArcyTheGreat007

      Burtie num-nums…Burtie num-nums… Burt is so cool with his friend Poppy the rabbit. They both can keep Max company too.

    • Shelley Gibbons

      Come on Bert how funny him repeating you

    • Shelley Gibbons

      You have to show us the bunny

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