A little Caique scratching with the Claw! #shorts #parrotcoop

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    4 replies to "Caique Parrot Scratch"

    • Leo & Murki

      That noise at the end is adorable, not heard that one from my caique yet!

    • King Lillo and his Flock

      I wish I'll have one 😏
      They are my favourite parrots!
      Don't worry, I am not the type of person that gives birds only a seed diet and keeps them in small "canary cage" for their entire life. I have also a great book called "Caique parrot" that tells you everything about behaviour, care, feeding, pathologies, dos and don'ts……..

    • Rescue Parrots

      Just be careful..it might hurt the eye!!! Birdie enjoying scratches.😘🥰🤗😍

    • Amanda Borchert

      Everyone needs a good scratch!!🥰🥰🥰

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