In this video, I will answer your question “Can Green Cheek Conures/Birds Feel and Sense Human Emotions?”

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    10 replies to "Can Green Cheek Conures/Pet Parrot Birds Feel and Sense Human Emotions?"

    • Morten B. S.

      Fine job, greetings, thanks for sharing 😀


      Really enjoyed all your bird video. Please update us some more, been a while. More birds video please

    • LifePlayer-2006

      Hi! Very interesing videj. I liked. Like # 10. Good luck!

    • Bendetta Kreutzer

      I’m always amazed that a wild parrot can trust and love their human. Giving them space and cuddles when they are in need is a special gift going both ways. Great video keep it up. 😊🐦

    • Olivier Rodriguez

      Cute little pet, friend… !!! Greetings….!

    • marsu pilami

      Hi my dear friend
      beautiful video **************************
      thank partage
      Good day

    • By Golly Studio

      Love your little bird Thank you for the lovely video

    • Community Tours Australia

      They are so lucky to have a friend like you ..I am also happy I can feel your emotions )😉🏅

    • AJ O'Malley

      This happened to me too, my parakeet came and sat on my hand for almost half an hour when I was sad yesterday and I've only had him 3 weeks but we bonded really fast. I look forward to your videos and they are so helpful. I hope you and your family have a great week and thank you again!!!

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