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#africangreyzaky #africangreyparrot #talkingparrot #congoparrot #petbird #petparrot #zakybird #birdplaying #greyparrot #greyparrotsounds #talkingparrotvideos Adorable Zaky has a beautiful bond with family. play time is fun time! Zaky enjoys exploring!! Absolutely delighted to see the little birdie play [More]
Zaky shares a little something to show love and affection towards Mommy 🙂 Adorable Zaky has a beautiful bond with family. play time is fun time! Here Zaky is enjoying eating a treat Zaky is [More]
#shortsfeed #africangreyparrots #shortsvideo African grey parrots are highly intelligent birds known for their ability to mimic various sounds, including human speech, whistling, and even music. With proper training and socialization, an African grey parrot can [More]
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African Grey Parrots are one of the most popular pet birds in the world. They are known for their intelligence, ability to mimic human speech, and playful personalities. In this video, we take a look [More]
Welcome to @MyWorldMyPassion to explore The Beauty of the nature. Unlocking Lessons from the African Grey Parrot: Intelligence, Communication, and Empathy for Human Enrichment By observing the unique behaviors of African Grey Parrots and reflecting [More]
Kenya parrot and cheenah parrots daily tou times blog vlog video log with fun talking and playing. Thank you 1000 subscribers. We will go live very soon Hope you enjoy See you soon Stay tuned [More]
The grey parrot is known by many names such as Congo grey parrot or African grey parrot.They are found only in Equatorial Africa,which is like less than 8 countries.They are medium sized parrots with black [More]
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