* Einstein the famous talking African Grey Parrot! *
Grey Congo Talking Bird Imitates Cop Car Siren & UPS Van African Grey Parrot
[Spikie] Talking African Grey Parrot asking for Food
Kevin the african grey parrot chatting and talking away again! with subtitles
Talking African Grey Parrot in New Zealand
Clover, a Congo African Grey parrot shows off some of her 350-word vocabulary. This was Clover’s winning entry in the “professional” division of the Kaytee International “Best Talking Parrot” competition in 2011. For those of [More]
teach parrot to talk, How to teach your budgie to talk?, How to Train Your Bird to Talk?, , How to make a parrot talk?, How to teach your pet bird to talk?, teach your [More]
African Grey Parrot breed lays eggs: The African grey parrot’s ability to talk and mimic sounds makes this medium-sized parrot a captivating companion. African grey owners often report that their greys oftentimes talk in context [More]
Chatting away like a mad one. Fast forward to 12:13 for the craziest laugh you’ll ever hear a bird do. Long video but worth the watch
Pepper thinks he’s in charge! Getting ready for bed, he’s making commands to our Shih Tzu Lucy!
Petra can be seen in lower left of her cage in her treat bowl. She later on climbs out of it and onto the perch telling herself she’s a good girl. This is a typical [More]
my bird Charlie who sadly had to have put to sleep ,after breaking his leg which was deformed and the vets could not fix. RIP Charlie
African Grey Parrot Name Rosie is new addition to our family. Please subscribe to our channel to get regular updates about Rosie and our other pets. The African grey parrot’s ability to talk and mimic [More]
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