Watch a spectacular flock of vibrant Mealy amazon parrots take flight together in a burst of color and motion as they leave an Amazonian clay lick. What are they doing at this clay lick, and [More]
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Prego Dalliance Sanctuary is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to providing a loving, safe, and home for rescued Parrots. Providing a nurturing environment and medical care. Patreon: For stories, recipes and pictures visit our [More]
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Here’s a clever Amazon Parrot enjoying using the Preening Perch
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Here’s a gorgeous Amazon Parrot enjoying their Preening Perch
Tota Bimar Ho To Kya Kare | #drrahulpetscare #parrot #parrothealth #Birdcare #shorts Tota Bimar Ho To Kya Kare | Parrot Bimar Ho Jaaye To Kya Karen Baby Parrot Sick Treatment at Home For Bird or [More]
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