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I had Mummer upstairs thinking it would be fun to play on the floor with some of his toys in my office that we have been thinking of turning into a “bird room” but he [More]
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Chubby’s Story: I found a gentleman adopting out Chubby due to his original owners passing, the gentleman was the owners son. I drove 6 hrs out to Chubby & took in his environment he was [More]
Beautiful Amazon Parrot decided to say Hello!! These guys live around 50-60 years in captivity and 80 years has been recorded!!! For More information on how to care for these beautiful birdies: https://www.parrotwebsite.com/how-long-do-amazon-parrots-live/ #shorts #birds [More]
DIY Parrot Costume For Fancy Dress Competition | Fancy Dress Costume Ideas | Parrot costume … Hello Everyone!! In this video you will find how to make beautiful parrot costume for school children in very [More]
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