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#parrotvideo #dailyroutine #pets #viralvideo Aoa, Friends Today is a very sad day for us. My cockatiel female has expired after laying the egg. I cannot understand at this moment whether I am happy my cockatiel [More]
Angry cockatiel 🤪 Don’t touch me… #youtubeshorts #pets #viralvideo #birds #shortsfeed #viral #trending #subscribe #like #cockatiel #shorts #shortvideo
The family admires their joyful cockatiel in its beautiful new home, cherishing the happiness they have brought to their beloved feathered friend. A new home brings endless joy and love to our cockatiel companion, creating [More]
COCKATAIL merupakan salah satu burung paling popular di kalangan penghobis
**************************************************************************************************** Please Do Subscribe and support by adding our Channel and Other Social Media Platforms Link Below to support us… **************************************************************************************************** Not Only Lutino cockatiel every female cocaktiel walk upside down It is so [More]
Hello friends, Cockatiel will start eating and cracking at the age of around 1 month.They will strong enough to start coming out of the nest and explore food themselves.At this age babies need to remove [More]
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