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While I was asking Mr B what he thought of the new barricade placement, he was ignoring me in favor of attempting to perform the miraculous… He poo’ed right before I turned on the camera, [More]
Cockatoo cute video, Cockatoo cute and funny, #shorts
Boo literally loves plastic coffee cup lids and wants to share the joy with Misha. Or court Misha. Or show off. I’m not sure why my goffins cockatoo keeps acting like he’s going to shove [More]
This was an animation me and my friends made when we were in grade 8, 2020, it was lost for a while but I’ve recently recovered it, enjoy!
*** As a rescue bird who lived through stressful times before finding happiness, Benjamin would like anyone considering the adoption of a U2, to think about it long and hard before doing so. The difference [More]
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Cockatoos getting their favourite treat from my hands!
Cockatoo scratching itch. Playing. Enjoying. Birdlovers. Petlovers. Parrot. bloedel conservatory.
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