Chet shares details about how he coached one of his private clients on how to train both of their Eclectus parrots at the same time, without confusing the birds.
Angel Eclectus Parrot Talking Peekaboo, I got your beak!!
Funny Eclectus Parrot talks and Laughs with a Dove
I Always Begged to Allah Kareem Bhar Do Jholee Mere and My Jholee is Full of Red Sided Eclectus Parrot Chicks (Hen Birds) UM Bird Farm Memon Goth Malir Karachi Breed 8 to 10 Weeks [More]
Let parrot trainer Chet Womach, guide you with 2 quick, free tips on how to work with and train your Eclectus parrot. He’s guided hundreds of Eclectus owners to better behaved birds, and now you [More]
He doesnt like being told no! Feeding the birds and Turkey and duck eggs.
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Eclectus parrot hatch and grow up parrotgrowup parrotlover eclectusbreding.mp4
Exotic tropical birds at Bloedel Conservatory in Queen Elizabeth Park on Little Mountain in Vancouver. Watch more small animal adventures on our YouTube channel: Watch more Teapot Hamster adventures on our youtube channel: @Tracy D [More]
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