red soldar macaw / Rad lori / rainbow lori / eclectus parrot / jardine parrot / sun coneure রেড সোল্ডার ম্যাকাও / র‌্যাড লরি / রেইনবো লরি / ইলেক্টাস প্যারোট / জার্ডিন প্যারট / সান [More]
birds can use their right and left eyes for different tasks and their brains can literally focus on two things at once. Like their brain can process how to navigate to reach that tiny piece [More]
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Sun Conure/Galah Cockatoo/African Grey Parrot/Eclectus Parrot/Caique Birds Breeding Farm Visit Exotic Birds Breeding Setup Visit||KUILA For EVER African Grey Parrot/Galah Cockatoo/Eclectus Parrot/Caique/Sun Conure Birds Breeding Information Hi Friends, Thank You for watching this video.This video [More]
My name is Kiwi 3 yr old from Sydney Mum take me to professional Vet for microchip
An Eclectus Parrot was sent to us with an emergency situation. A thin long rubberize tube was trapped inside its lower crop. We have tried to ask for veterinary assistance but due to lack of [More]
Hello world ! I’m Nemo; an Eclectus parrot . I really like to share my moment with my friends and I love to be great youtuber . yesterday was my bath day ! . I [More]
Well, I guess it is after the high of a breakthrough that we go back to failing… If you enjoy project bird content like you see in this video, please consider supporting me over on [More]
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