DEAR CVP’s! BRINGING HOME A 26 YEAR OLD RESCUE AFRICAN GREY PARROT! My friend Karina got her dream come true. She was able to adopt and bring home a 26 year old sweet African Grey [More]
DEAR CVP’s! I AM RE HOMING A VERY SWEET 26 YEAR OLD CONGO AFRICAN GREY PARROT! This very sweet African Grey Parrot who’s name is Foster needed a new home. It happen to be that [More]
DEAR CVP’s! This is Part 3 of the re-homing process of Foster the African Grey Parrot. HOW TO TRAIN 26 YEAR OLD BIRD AS A NEW OWNER *Parrot Training 101 according to my book * [More]
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how to train your baby parrot for free flight
Hello Fams in This Video You’ll Learn Which Parrot is Best and How to Train Your Parrot? I Hope You Like The Video If You Really Do Please Hit Like Button and Hit Subscribe For [More]
DEAR CVP’s! RELEASING A RED TAIL HAWK BACK INTO THE WILD AND EVERYTHING ABOUT FALCONRY 101 19 year old Julia Stein is a professional License Falconer who flies Raptors and Bird of preys in the [More]
DEAR CVP’s! HOW TO DRAW A PARROT PORTRAIT IN TIMELASPE / ACRYLIC PAINTING TECHNIQUE WITH REACTION FROM MY HYACINTH MACAW In today’s VLog I am painting a acrylic painting tutorial of a parrot macaw. I [More]
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DEAR CVP’s! Why Tiger King is bad for all exotic animal pet owners? PET BAN because of TIGER KING, JOE EXOTIC & TIM STARK! Today I am talking about why Peta and the government are [More]
👍👍👍👍The disclaimers👍👍👍👍 “I am not promoting or supporting and also not caging my alexzandrine parrot. it is a rescue bird.Selling or buying Caging any Indian bird is illegal as they are categorized under wild animals [More]
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