Parrot talks || Raja and Rangaboti on the loose || Macaw talks Raja and Rangaboti loves to walk around the house and they talk a lot! Here is a video about them exploring our kitchen. [More]
The birbman talks about his “love” of Tekken 6.0 whilst in the midst of a Haggar retrospective
Spinnaker, our Scarlet Macaw, is developing a pretty good vocabulary. It is not always what we want to hear, but Spinnaker is very independent and vocal. The dogs don’t know they are dogs. We think [More]
Scarlet macaw talks back to dog. dog is petrified! #talkingdog #funnypets #talkingbird
Mr Personality 🙂 Hes a comedy Show for sure.
Answering a question put to bigbie Macaw on tiktok @bigbiemacaw
Visit our online store at We have handmade greeting cards featuring small prints of Taco from my original drawing. Archival prints of Taco coming soon 🙂 This footage was taken on a weekday afternoon, [More]
Talking Dancing Macaws Blue and Gold Macaw Talks and Dances
We hanging out in our balcony!!
Rocky the macaw talks and waves! Macaw says hi and waves at me, so cute!!
Blue & Gold talks to himself. During the video he says: Peekaboo Cracker Watcha doin? Thank you Mmm Mmm
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