Scooby, our hyacinth macaw, talking on his perch and being cute.
blue and gold macaw plays with cute boxer pup Jukin Media Verified (Original) * For licensing / permission to use: Contact – licensing(at)jukinmediadotcom
Ozzy our 11 year old Macaw was talking up a storm while we were sitting outside watching a Storm
Many people ask: Can Macaw talk? A compilation of the funniest macaw parrots talking, showing the amazing ability of Macaw parrots. If you like the video, please click “👍” and subscribe to my channel. More [More]
Parrot talks || Raja and Rangaboti on the loose || Macaw talks Raja and Rangaboti loves to walk around the house and they talk a lot! Here is a video about them exploring our kitchen. [More]
The birbman talks about his “love” of Tekken 6.0 whilst in the midst of a Haggar retrospective
Spinnaker, our Scarlet Macaw, is developing a pretty good vocabulary. It is not always what we want to hear, but Spinnaker is very independent and vocal. The dogs don’t know they are dogs. We think [More]
Scarlet macaw talks back to dog. dog is petrified! #talkingdog #funnypets #talkingbird
Mr Personality 🙂 Hes a comedy Show for sure.
Answering a question put to bigbie Macaw on tiktok @bigbiemacaw
Visit our online store at We have handmade greeting cards featuring small prints of Taco from my original drawing. Archival prints of Taco coming soon 🙂 This footage was taken on a weekday afternoon, [More]
Talking Dancing Macaws Blue and Gold Macaw Talks and Dances
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