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4 Month Old Indian Ringneck Parrot Male Female Behaviour / Green Parrot Male And Female Difference 4 Month Old Indian Ringneck Parrot Male Female Behaviour Green Parrot Male And Female Difference Baby parrot male female [More]
Curious Ringneck Parrot || indian ringneck || parrot || pet || kadha tota just want to show that the curiosity of my ringneck parrot in this video. Hope that you like this video. ringneck parrot, [More]
This video is all about Parrot Hormonal Behaviors, Triggers and Solutions to help your bird during this time. Hormonal behavior in birds usually happens just before springtime once a year, however some birds have been [More]
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I got a new find from Amazon and decided to play with it with Touché figuring he would have the most fun! I think his new owner will be able to do so many fun [More]
Some birds, but not all go through what’s called the bluffing stage. Indian Ringneck parrots are more prone to the bluffing behaviour , but not all. Bluffing stages can happen anywhere between the age of [More]
This video is all about parrot body language and the meanings of them. Recently I’ve had some questions from bird owners about behaviours or why their bird is doing what they are doing? So I [More]
In this video I have highlighted… ☞ Female Parrot Mating Call Behaviour ☞ Ringneck Parrot Mating Call Sound ☞ Female Parrot Voice ——————— Subcribe my channel: Follow us on Instagram! Like our Facebook [More]
Hey Bird Gang! In this video we talk about hormonal parrot behavior and how to deal with it during the “parrot mating” or “hormone season” that happens to adult birds (including my Senegal Parrot). If [More]
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