Hey Bird Gang! In this video we talk about hormonal parrot behavior and how to deal with it during the “parrot mating” or “hormone season” that happens to adult birds (including my Senegal Parrot). If [More]
Ringneck baby Parrot ka darna kesy Khatam Karein?|BABY BIRD FEAR|TIPS & Info in HINDI/URDU 2022 Video Tags: How to less parrot fear?,How to stop bird from fear?,Your parrot scared of you?,parrot,parrot training,parrots,how to tame a [More]
Hey parrot fans! Today’s video is the long awaited cockatiel sound & meanings combined. It’s labelled “2” as it’s a follow on from the individual videos I made on the topics. I try to cover [More]
The Cockatiel habitat is explored to make this video. These birds are crested like a cockatoo but have the slender lines of a long tailed parrot and fly like a swift parrot. A previous video [More]
My parrot watching another parrot in phone with full of interest / parrot behaviour / Urdu / Hindi
Hey parrot fans! Anthropomorphism can be a big barrier when it comes to understanding our parrots and their behaviour. It’s something we all do at times and it’s so important to recognise and realise it. [More]
Hey parrot squad! Cockatiels, conures and other parrots can sometimes develop a fixation with feet. It’s something that has cropped up a few times in consultations and questions recently, so I felt it warranted a [More]
Hi Parrot fans! Today’s topic is sleep and how important it is for our parrots! Parrots need a lot more sleep than us humans and when they don’t get it, boy do we hear about [More]
Hi everyone, thanks for watching my video about signs conures show when they are happy and content. If you have any questions please feel free to leave them in the comments as I’d love to [More]
Hey conure lovers! Why do conures flip their food and sometimes water bowls?! It’s another one of those things that conures (and other parrots) do sometimes. I thought it’d be fun to do a video [More]
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