Hey bird lovers! Today’s video responds to a question I get asked a lot about using substrate. Any comments as usual are welcome! 🦜Check out my Amazon store for all kinds of parrot items as [More]
Salam Parrot flying video me ap ko bohot koch informing mely gi video ko bora diki.. parrot, parrot training, training parrots, flying, talking parrot, parrot talking, pet parrot, parrot flying, free flying, parrot trainer, training, [More]
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Hey bird fans! Serious topic today! Having just taken on Louis and Kipling it got me thinking about this video idea. I’d been planning on doing it for ages, but adopting these two rascals made [More]
Human habits that annoy pet parrots and influence their behaviour! I thought I’d do a video on habits we have that annoy our parrots. These are specific to our interactions with our parrots and their [More]
Full Vlog Coming Soon With Blue-and-yellow Macaw Parrot 😎 #shortvideo Parrots Scarlet macaw Macaws Scarlet macaw birds Birds Blue-and-yellow macaw Hyacinth macaw Military macaw parrot free fly parrots parrot training blue and gold macaw macaw [More]
Big parrot behaviour and breeding tips were discussed during our visit to Birds Planet Farm owned by Muhammad Jameel Naz. Parrot & bird breeding is one of the fastest growing business in Pakistan. Aviculture in [More]
Hi Parrot fans! Today’s video is my second cage reaction video! As requested I don’t mind doing these from time to time! Remember, these videos aren’t about roasting anyone, but more to offer something fun [More]
Hello Parrot Lovers! A quick video talking about parrot puberty today! It’s something that, just like us, all parrots have to go through and it’s important to be aware of when it occurs and what [More]
I hope you like this short of Olive the rescued baby conure loving life in her forever home! 🦜 Need help and advice on your bird’s behaviour, care and training? Get in touch with us [More]
I hope you like this short of Baby Olive dancing – the latest dance craze will be the Olive Shuffle! 🦜 Need help and advice on your bird’s behaviour, care and training? Get in touch [More]
I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the bird products I regret buying! Things NOT to buy for your bird: https://youtu.be/kFTBt7MqCj4 🦜 Need help and advice on your bird’s behaviour, care and training? Get in [More]
I hope you like this short of Chip the cockatiel learning to wave! 🦜 Need help and advice on your bird’s behaviour, care and training? Get in touch with us at Best Behaved Birds for [More]
Hello bird fans! Today’s parrot video is related mainly to conures, although much of what I talk about in it will relate to many different parrot species. That’s how conures react to various sounds and [More]
Hey cockatiel/parrot lovers! Here is the latest instalment of my parrot behaviour solutions series where I look at submissions from my subscribers and offer advice on their parrot problems! I will continue making these as [More]
This is what I got up to this week on my property in rural Victoria, Australia. It was afternoon nap time for Vita and the kangaroos. I finished the ‘Doughnut’ bed as much as I [More]
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