Chip and Fish are two naughty cockatiel brothers who like to annoy each other! Pickles is a rescued Green cheeked conure who enjoys cuddling and biting! Instagram: Behind the scenes and living with parrots: [More]
Archie the Cockatiel, Tootles the Canary, and Evie the Caique all went to the bird store, Varietees! We got lots of toys, treats and supplies after a long drive to the store. The bird store [More]
Today I cover everything you need if you’re getting a bird!! Parrots require a large array of supplies to keep them happy and healthy. BUY ELLE’S AVIAN ESSENTIALS KITS! Elle’s Avian Essentials Kits are [More]
Hi everyone! Thanks for watching my video on how to save money on parrot care and supplies! I hope some of these tips are useful for you! If you have any questions, please leave them [More]
Hi everyone, thanks for checking out what’s in my parrot supplies cupboard! What’s in your parrot supplies cupboard? Let me know in the comments below! First aid: Save money on parrot supplies: Sprouting: [More]
Learn from me – In this video you will learn how to sketch and shade a parrot using graphite pencil. All the materials used is mentioned in the description below. Join me in creating [More]
In this video I will share 7 must have bird supplies for my African Grey parrot. If you want to know what it is, please continue to watch this video 🙂 If you want to [More]
Hey parrot lovers, This week’s video is all about money saving! It’s that painful time of year where money is tight and it’s tough to make ends meet after the festive spending! So I thought [More]
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Jamie says, “Hey Orion, what’s up.” Orion replies, “Hey, hello.” I have heard Orion say many crazy things over the years. We will share some of these awesome moments with you. I documented everything Orion [More]
“Hey Orion, do you want some water?” Then, Orion makes a her voice sound like water. I have heard her say many crazy things over the years. We will share some of these awesome moments [More]
Our little Chewy haul! Nothing major, but still fun to film because Charlie boy here LOVES to go through boxes of any kind! Please note, proper nutrition is always priority for my babies! Only Sir [More]
So, I ordered this “Happy Hut” listed for Macaws on Amazon for Rachel. Based on the photo on the listing, you’d expect this thing to be an enormous tent, at least 30 inches. Well, suffice [More] Tina from Bird Paradise store shares 3 tips on how to save money on parrot supplies at pet/bird stores. Parrots sure are expensive pets and keeping them supplied with good food, toys, and clean [More] Why are parrots so expensive? Why are parrot supplies and care costly? In this video I explain the top 3 reasons why parrots are so expensive: 1) Parrots are rare and exotic pets 2) [More]
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