For my full course on taming and training wild budgies check out In this video I bring home a fully flighted budgie named Sugar from a home who could no longer provide for him/her. [More]
Traditional Passion for Falconry I Keeping & training of Falcons I bird of Prey I Peregrine Falcon I hello friends welcome You in my Indian wildlife channel about this video – Falcons are small to [More]
Meet our cockatiel student from a masterclass! We love when small birds attend our classes. Interested in attending or hosting one of our masterclasses? Contact us at! Be sure to check out Crawling Critters [More]
how to teach your bird to fly to you flight recall training in today’s video, I talked about some helpful tips to train your bird to fly to you. flying recall is so important to [More]
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I’m suriya vp. I brought the African love chick on the 10th day of hatching .and tamed nearly 2 weeks it try to outdoor flying. if you want any of the parrots like this contact [More]
In This video, You will hear the beautiful and magical voice of kala Teetar. You can use Kala teetar voice ringtone for your mobile. goray teetar ki awaz Has magic in his voice which will [More]
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This video is about taming your budgies easily. Budgie is a flock bird so its easy to tame it but it requires consistency,patience and practice. In this video we are showing you some simple steps [More]
hey guys, welcome to more about pets channel. today we are going to see about the topic BASIC TRAINING FOR BIRDS. follow us on Instagram 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 follow us on Facebook 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 how to [More]
Hello Friends, This video is about Parrot Training Tips & Tricks. utu & Vutu’s Vlog #52 ************************************ My Instagram: Dipa R Kitchen: SR Studio: ************************************ ○ : WATCH NEXT : ○ ○ [More]
Here is how to teach your bird to fly to you or how to flight train your bird! Flight training your bird or recall training your bird is great exercise for your birds! In this [More]
This video contains 4 simple steps to train your budgie
*Special note about dogs below This is me demonstrating how I put Taki’s Aviator Harness on followed by us going on his very first full fledged walk. You can find a link to the product [More]
An 8 hour compilation of popular songs: Happy Birthday, If You’re Happy and You Know It, Star Wars Theme Song, and Super Mario Bros Theme Song, all for your precious bird to mimic! Play while [More]
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