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Part1 video link👇 Part2 Description In this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about taming, feeding, and training adorable baby mynas, bulbuls, and even squirrel babies! Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, [More]
Cockatiel Flight Training: Step-by-Step Guide for Successful Avian Aviators Discover the secrets to effective Cockatiel flight training in this short video. Learn expert tips and techniques to help your feathered friend take to the skies [More]
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Welcome to Standing Stone Kennels! Pointing birds upland bird dog training. Today we are taking our German shorthaired pointer Hex into the field with some Dt system bird launchers and some of our homing pigeons [More]
Hi Buddies, Have you ever tried to tame your bird, only to find it a frustrating experience with no clear instructions on what to do? Everything that works for others doesn’t seem to work for [More]
Here is a hands off approach to tame a bird and get it where you need it to go as well as explaining what the 3 levels of target training look like! If you want [More]
A short tutorial on how to tame your bird. This has always worked for me. If there’s anything you do differently or want to add, leave a comment! Make sure to subscribe to us for [More]
Welcome to Standing Stone Kennels! It’s time… bird introduction for our upland bird dog. This is a critical step in training a bird dog, as the old saying goes “you need birds for a bird [More]
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