Pyrrura parrot Richie says his name, gives a paw and flips around the stick. Very smart little one) Попугай пиррура Ричи говорит своё имя, дает лапку и делает переворот вокруг палочки. Очень толковый малый) #lovebirds [More]
飼い主が愛犬に「おて」と言ってるのをずっと聞いていたのか、最近言うようになりました(笑) メインチャンネル☆【チワワとインコ】 セカンドチャンネル☆【チワワとインコ2nd】 Twitterやってます☆ → Instagramやってます☆ →
Mom put on Christmas music and Trello started singing to it. Since he was being social, Mom decided to record it. Like us on Facebook: #birds #parrots Klik op de link en ontdek de verborgen wereld van de tamme papegaai en parkiet.
I finally got Trello to talk for you. Like us on Facebook: Ga naar deze website en ontdek waarom deze vogelsoort hard kan bijten ne hoe je dat moet afleren. Pyrrhura Perlata / Rhodogaster 9 weeks old
My Yellow-sided green-cheeked conure (pyrrhura hypoxantha) saying his name and me repeating after him. Volume should be to the max if you expect to hear something different than my voice. 🙂
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