Charlie African Grey Rides In The Car. Today (like almost everyday) Charlie my Timneh African Grey and I went for a ride in the car! He looks so cute in his parrot aviator harness. Charlie loves going bye bye in the car with me as much as possible. Don’t worry guys, most of the footage was in a carpool line. I wanted to get footage of me putting the aviator harness on him, but since it was just me and him, that vid will have to wait for another day. We hope you enjoy riding along with us! Please be sure to give us a Like on the video! We Appreciate that So Much! Thank You for Watching!

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    20 replies to "Charlie African Grey Rides In The Car"

    • Parrot Town

      For More Charlie Cuteness, Check Out His Very Own Playlist:

    • Soaring Parrots

      Aww he is so cute and makes such cute little noises

    • parrot family tv

      Awwww charly is amazing he is so cute ❤i think charly going to be a talker when hes a bit older exelleng video ,bye bye charly👋👋👋

    • Alanis King - Music For You

      Awww Charlie is sooooo CUTE!!! Hope he enjoyed his ride in the car, he looks so sweet in his little Harness bless him.
      Like 15
      Enjoyed listening and watching as always
      Thanks for Sharing
      Hope you have a great day! 🙂

    • NIGEL The Crazy Cockatoo

      So cute 😍😍😍

    • Shadow Studio

      He's such a good boi! <3

    • fluffy choclate chip bird

      OMG so flocking cute I can wacht this everyday

    • FatParrots

      Omg he looks excited and adorable 😂😂💗💗💗

    • Duo Lingo

      How dare you make our Lord travel from his home HE WILL PUNISH YOU

    • Vernedi

      What an adorable baby! I love how curious Charlie is and his baby sounds! I also love the way he looks at us, so innocent and precious!

    • Todd Impson

      Where do I buy the CD? Charlie is a zipper chewer! Thank you for the video. Take care.

    • Angie Plunkett

      Popee is hearing the baby sounds!

    • Angie Plunkett

      And also, Look! He’s getting big boy eyes!

    • Angie Plunkett

      Charlie!!!!!! He still makes those baby sounds!!!!


      I almost said red butt chicken but its grey butt chicken lol 😀

    • Alexander Brior

      Why does Charlie have to be so adorable?

    • The Firebird Flock

      He’s so cute ❤️

    • Chirp City Channel

      Charlie is so cute

    • Grinnar

      He loves you so much.

    • Lydia V

      Chip LOVES car rides😍😍😍😍😍 you have such a sweet dinosaur dragon😍😍😍😍

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