Recently I’m having fun with the slow motion… so here’s a short collection 🙂
They are so fun with their landings, pointing those pinky feet.
Hope you are enjoying your summer! My cockatiels are for sure!
Bye and see you soon 🙂

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    19 replies to "Cockatiel slow motion landings"

    • Everything Aqua7

      Bud, I have watched all of your videos – its great to have birds fly around you – but I have question – don't you have crows and ravens in your location? It's always a problem for me

    • Amber L.

      Hello there. Love your videos. Was wondering what formula you use with the baby cocketeils?

    • Nomidipersone

      My heart.

    • Miheer singh

      Thx bro the methods of training the birds really appreciate.
      Your last vidoe was very nice and this too

    • Lana C

      Cockatiels are some of the most graceful and noble of flyers!

    • Luna

      The yellow one seems to like your camera so much… didn’t expect the bootyhole 😀

    • bird

      im MESMERIZED and happy. good song choices

    • bird

      WOwowowow i loved this video, and i love your birds. thank you

    • CenturianEagle

      Haha great video! The tiels are sooooo freakin’ cute! Reading the description was funny too; because the way you described their slow mo landing and why you like it, is exactly why I like to watch tiels landing in slow mo too! (I love watching them aim their little feetsies, it’s way too precious 🥰) thanks for sharing!

    • Diana Droste

      Wow, this is so beautiful to see!😆

    • nuran demirel

      I love you cockatiel

    • irem tr

      Woke up this morning to this notification . I didn't even put my glasses on and I said to myself "This is what i need to watch first thing in the morning." And so i did.

    • József Csató


    • Love of Pets

      So beautiful! You must of trained then we'll for free flying. Good job!

    • Vi La

      You give them what they are born for

    • pickle juice

      they're so beautiful <3

    • Drifting Agent

      omg i love those tiels

    • JuiceBox_Koolaid

      F L Y I N G S A U S A G E S

    • Youtube Oncologist

      Hey what music are you using?

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