Cute smart parrot can’t stop being smart!

This is Destiny my 3 year old yellow double headed amazon parrot. Destiny is the smartest parrot from my angelic flock.
He learns stuff in record speed and can talk very clear and much.
He also loves to entertain and do tricks.
In my new book I will tech you everything about parrot behavior and trick training and free flying.
My book will get release on July 1st!

So excited for you to teach this all to your parrots.

Caroline ❤️

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    20 replies to "Cute smart parrot can’t stop being smart!"

    • Angela Miller

      What is wrong with his feet?

    • Blue aqūa Wølfie -*

      Was That The Amazon Parrot If it is He Looks like he likes his new Home!

    • Mario Damian

      Please go fund me

    • RikaCrazyBirdLady

      I love all your birds so much, I wish I could teach my conure stuff like this.

    • Jane Velen

      Thank you so much for more vids on destiny I love it keep up the work

    • Parrot Town

      Aaaw💖💖 i really enjoyed this one. Destiny is such a beautiful, happy, intelligent boy!! Love seeing the bond you have with him. Hope to see more of Destiny in the future. Absolutely Precious 💖 thank you!

    • Jonathan Ward

      Awwwwww so cute

    • Nightshade DRAGON


    • Khaleel Rahaman

      Show is more free flight of him

    • Juan Cruz

      Do you got new merch

    • Juan Cruz

      Like your new birld it's to cut

    • Laura Smith

      Awwwwwww he’s a good boy can you do more videos of him please please PLEASE

    • jay stream

      wow that's amazing, love those tricks, seems that he's already bonding with you, i love destiny 😍

    • Brooke CCG


    • lore9397

      I love destiny destiny is my favorite parrot

    • Sunny A Segura

      Your children are super smart Carolin! Maybe I need to start eating the super meals you make them! 😂❤️❤️❤️❤️☀️💙

    • cookie doris

      Awwww this is so cute love your channel and your videos

    • Jadianys vargas

      This is so cute!

    • Nana Squad

      So cuuuuuuuuute😆😍😂

    • riebug 1

      I fell in love with Destiny back when he did "ice cream! Yum yum yum" 💜 🦜

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