DAY ONE WITH A SCARED FLIGHTED BUDGIE | Bringing Home a Pet Parakeet (Flighted!)

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In this video I bring home a fully flighted budgie named Sugar from a home who could no longer provide for him/her. Join me in my journey of taming and training Sugar!

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MY BIRDS (Oldest to Youngest) 🐦❤
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TUSA 💙 Blue-Green Dominant Camelot Macaw | hatched 2008
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BLUEBERRY 💗 Budgie | hatched June 2019

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Jason Kinnear says:

I did not train my aviary budgies at all, but they just got tame on their own as they got to know me. They knew when I was coming I was bringing them delicious food, or new branches (which they love to chew the bark off). After a time most of them are very tame now. I can go in the aviary with them and they will land on the food tray what I am carrying, and feed from it while I hold it. Some will land on my head or arms, and my Chinese Painted quails like to peck my feet. If I take millet spray in there I can hand feed the budgies. So, basically if you hang around with them a lot every day for a few weeks, give them treats and don't scare them or force them to do stuff, they will get so see you as a member of their flock… a big featherless budgie.

Janet McNutt says:

Can you teach on old bird to be tame? I have 3 in one cage. My one bird I know is 12 years old, the other two not sure. I can't separate because I have one big cage and to separate would be too scary for them all.

Bernie Short says:

Please, I have googled this without any success. What is a flighted budgie. This video was well informative and easily shows what one can achieve with patients over just a little time. Thank you, I am looking forward to the next video.

Hey! U are loved 🥰 says:

Hi! I’ve watched so man6 videos on how to have your budgie trust you, but after a month m6 budgies are still terrified of me. Please someone help me and give me some tips:)

انا و طائري كوكو says:

My bird is scared of the millet what should I do?

Michael Rivera says:

I like birbs

Allie Marcin says:

Wait, did she take the food out of the cage completely at the start so the only option it had was to eat out of her hand? Or did she keep the seed in the cage at the start and just change what she was feeding him?

Desirae Moore says:

When you are taming you're bungies do how long do you go without feeding we have two bungies for 2 yrs

GachaFalls says:

I Never clipped my bud guess wings yet because she CAN fly but she can't because she tries to fly but she can only fall slowly down.

josa keller says:

Wanted to send some appreciation!! I just found your channel and this one vid made me realize how off I was about bird behavior! I “trained” my childhood cockatiel and confused why he’s a bit of an oddball now… 🤦‍♀️

Roxanne Smith says:

I have a 7 month old cockatiel and I never give to much and I just got her August 8th day before my birthday and I all ready have her fly to my sofa and then on my shoulder and she cuddles into me

Roxanne Smith says:

Millet is to only be given as a treat and not so much like ur doing

Christy White says:

My new parakeet named Oliver had a pretty similar seed mix when I got him. The mix is mostly millet. I was just wondering if he would still be motivated to train if the treat, he would get is millet. He's the only bird we have so we don't want to buy millet if it's just going to be wasted. He's also flighted and terrified of hands. When we even go near the cage, he tries to jump onto the walls of the cage to get away. We hate having him be cooped up in the cage because at his last house they just opened his cage and let him fly wherever. But we want to actually train him and bond with him. We want him to know that he's in a safe place, and that we won't hurt him. PLS ANSWER. I need the help. I don't have the money right now for the budgie course, I just want an answer from a professional trainer. 😊

Marisol Sanchez says:

How would you recommend training two flighted budgies in the same cage? Should they be separated for the time being?

Michelle Hoe says:

How do you tame an aggressive lovebird? I dunno if she has trauma or I didn't train her well or it's just her character but one of my lovebird would attack my hands when I try to change/fix her food bowl, water bowl or pretty much anything near her cage

When we first got her she was more sassy and braver to attack than I think most bird, she isn't afraid to bite hard. She was a bit better few months or so ago, but now is back attacking me if my hand/anything close to the cage (it's possible cuz I accidentally throw her out of the cage few times out of reflex or try to use a stick to block when I refill her bowl but I dunno how to break the cycle)

Is she in heat or something? Should she be separated from her friend or better live is smaller cage with more free time?

clalach says:

Sorry but i can't find day 2 please

angel witchywilding says:

yeah i have heard frayed rope on toys isnt good for budgies/parakeets or metal bells as well just incase they rust

Rumaysa Shaikh says:

OMG did you just say blueberry!!! WE Have same budgie name's!!!!

Helen Swan says:

I rehomed 2 6 month old budgies & the poor things are terrified whenever I go near their cage to change seed and water. They only had a mirror and small plastic ladder. I’ve been so worried about giving them a good home with me,so after watching this it has really helped me understand how best to get them to calm down & perhaps train them. Thank you so much for this video.

Carolyn Glass says:

I always thought (from being told years ago) that male budgies have blue beaks & females brown beaks.

Marci Stockton says:

I have two budgies that won't get on my finger I have tried everything

Karen Olivero says:

Why does an African Meyer's suddenly always want to attack a certain household member?

kristin conn says:

I have two budgies and it worked for me training two at the same time because the braver one was more receptive and the other one followed

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