Dewars is my Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot (And the beak goes on, la di da di di……la di da di da)

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    30 replies to "Dewars (Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot) sings a few Melodies"

    • Denise Mc

      My DYH Amazon Alfie loves listening to Dewars sing. Personally I’m hoping he’ll be inspired to sing similarly!

      Thanks for sharing Dewars’ performances.

    • FROG toastedbread Fillms Reyna

      tuinkhle thinhche lithhel sharttttttttttttttttaaaaaaaaaa

    • oziejoe

      Dewars is amazingly talented…Wow!

    • azurecumpton

      Aww i love it.. it is so amazing how talented amazons are i love amazons i have a yellow naped amazon myself…AMAZING 🙂

    • Galen G

      Such intelligent birds. :-)

    • googoochung

      That’s right, I get complimented a lot on my ass. 

    • BobDylanConcerts

      Hong Kong Fooey’s got the arse……..

    • BobDylanConcerts

      Ha ha! Looks like the gook bit off more than he can chew this time. I notice he still hasn’t provided all his parrot experience. Seems he’s all there with the talk, but cannot back it up. Should stick to making chow mein…

    • googoochung

      you mad bro?

    • Heatona60

      Get back in the kitchen with your chopsticks. 

    • googoochung

      are you… seriously… that dumb?

    • Heatona60

      You might care to let us have your full resume in the parrot world. Start with a list of all parrots you’ve had, along with dates, then list their traits and abilities and finally let us have a list of any other qualifying experience. Put it all up here so we can see what experience you speak with. We’ll get back to you after you’ve posted all relevant material.

    • Heatona60

      Pity such a good bird couldn’t have been taught some more useful phrases, rather than things that only attract children. The quality of specimen is certainly there, no doubt. There’s 3 or 4 stunning yellow napes on YouTube, eg, Groucho, Boozle and Budge & this guy could be up there with them if taught better stuff. It’s not too late to learn new stuff (as the owner here will know), but the problem is he’ll never forget the infantile, off-putting earlier stuff learnt in life. Such a pity.

    • Heatona60

      I agree. This is a top quality bird and a great example of a yellow nape. Most people looking here won’t know what a parrot is, never mind the difference in species. We’ve had yellow napes for decades and it’s such a shame to see a quality one like this ruined with rubbish phrases and nursery rhymes. They are the Maradonna of parrots and should be taught better things, not just stuff that’s going to continue having parrot owners held to ridicule. Sorry, but a great bird wasted.

    • mulosse

      How old is the owner? Is he a pensioner? All this stuff does sound like an old person’s teachings. Does the bird do anything modern and unusual? Seems such a pity to hear a yellow nape being limited to learning this kind of talk, because they are the best talkers of all and would benefit from learning very unusual stuff. They’re never too old to learn and this one has sure got potential. Better than most! I reckon you could teach him more useful stuff.

    • sjlove2bird


    • googoochung

      do you have some kind of inferiority complex or something that gives you a kick out of talking shit to ppl?

    • MrDullishdeclan1

      What a waste of a good parrot! Teaching him to sing stupid children’s rhymes and songs. And what’s the point in having to be included in the video yourself, singing along to prompt him? Makes a mockery of parrots. It really does sound gay. And couldn’t you teach him something proper to say/sing? I’d be embarrassed to put this material up. And you do know he’ll never forget that stuff you’ve put into him, don’t you? What a waste of a good parrot!

    • rockybudgeboa

      What a beautiful boy 🙂

    • jackie33399

      What a great bird!
      Thanks for sharing–that made my day-


    • goofietequila

      That was just awesome I have a goffin not a great talker but an affectionate bird

    • clochette67

      Oooooh so adorable, funny and good singer !!

    • catdad98

      0.o my amazon is on my shoulder right now and as soon as he heard him he bit me!!!! youch! then he said mama!!!! weirdo!!!!

    • floyd8090

      We have a 10 year old Nape named Elvis who can sing Hound Dog, the only problem we cannot get him to do it on command like Dewars! Any tips for getting them to sing on command??

    • Rose Walker

      Thanks for the response, my two are music lovers as well. Wanda is the singer Bear is the talker. I laughed at teh polite bite ha ha, Bear bites nearly everyone but me, he claims he is Mama’s boy! but he bit me daily for the first year. I just endured till he learned to love me. He even says, No no, no don’t bite, and will waive his foot in the air imatating me correcting him, and say, bad birds bite LOL, usually directing this information to Wandaful

    • MrDewars1986

      Dewars is a male and will be 25 years old come January 2011. We were fortunate enough to acquire Dewars from his original owner and he came to us pretty much pre programmed. Dewars has owned us now for about a year and a half and has picked up new phrases during that time. He loves music, laughter, spaghetti and a warm shower now and then. He can be aggressive but always polite. Dewars will always apologize immediately after he bites you. Glad you enjoyed his video.

    • Rose Walker

      Love it, Great bird. How old is Dewars? I am trying to teach my pair of Napes How much is that doggie in the window. So far she sings I feel good, and I believe I can fly. How old is Dewars? My pair Wandaful and Bear are both 3 and a half. He seems like he might be older? Or is it a she?

    • ReneeLGlenney

      Outrageous!!! I can only imagine the time spent in teaching that bird the songs. What a great job! I sure miss my African Grey. 🙁

    • LYLTjohnny

      your bird is epic!

    • MeatloafTribute1

      thanks dave this was funny!!

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