Different Mutation types of Alexandrine parrots in the World
in this video, you can see some mutations of alexandrine parakeets the mutation names are mentioned, there are even more colors improving in recent years and they have subtle color change and so different names but they are complicated so I just share the basic colors & names of alexandrine parrots all other colors are subtypes of these colors,
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      So beautiful parrots ,I have also 4 Talking Alexander parrots , bahut hi cute hai aapke parrots 😊😊😊😊😊😊

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      I'm happy to see different color of parrot.
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      Alexanderian to British government ne Naam diya tha
      Original name Gagroni tota h

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      What's the net gap

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      Bhai ye skyblue alexander parrot kaha milega aur price Kya hogi

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