All Rarest Different Types of Macaws in the World

Macaws are majestic birds with their amazing beautiful camouflage and their talking ability but these are the qualities that lead to the poaching of them, even after pouching if they reach the good hands they will survive and reproduce bu mostly many are died due to illegal transport so its better to leave them to be happy in wild and if humans continue to destroy the forest and it will eventually lead to the extinction of these species, already many beautiful wild macaw species are extinct and those can only be seen in the museums now so at least we should preserve these available beautiful creatures, these Parrots are threatened yet they have adapted well to deal with harsh life. These Clever, resourceful, opportunistic and resilient parrots are toughest survivors and they will survive if humans don’t disturb them and they’re Majestic beautiful birds indeed.
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    • Batool Fatima

      umm am I early

    • Ben Adams

      So many different kinds of Macaws. Thanks for the video 🦜😎

    • Anand Singh

      Still Jobless hence 1st like and 1st comment.👍Video

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