Disabled PEACOCK comes back to life after weeks of broken wing healing!

This is an update on Flaire the hurt Peacock that got hit by a car and left on the streets to die. Humane society wanted to kill her. But my friend Tara stepped in and we nurse her back to health!
Today was a big milestone in Flaire’s life. Her bandage came off! And she was able to hold up her wings and use it.

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    22 replies to "Disabled PEACOCK comes back to life after 6 weeks of broken wing healing!"

    • Jane Velen

      Wow Caroline that so awesome I am so happy that God sent you to save that bird it is because of you that she is still alive

    • Nacho Gil

      Good job!!!!

    • Jordan Pace

      OK so animal lesson of peacocks
      Male= Peacock
      Female= Peahen
      Baby= Peachick
      they sound so cute!
      i love your videos for South Dakota!!!
      👇click till blue to see more and subscribe to Caroline!! she is the best person!!! if u don't like her who are you?

    • Lars TB.

      finaly a update i love your kindness and your vids btw

    • D Nonya

      Tara is awesome…she did a terrific job!🤗💟

    • Sonsherra Rivera

      You guys did an amazing job ♡♡♡

    • Mels_fur babies

      Awwww I can wait to be able to get your book I have 2 budgies 1 lovebird they are not big parrots but they are part of the parrot family love your channel binge watching for the past 3 day hahaha you are amazing 😍😍😍😘😘😘😘

    • Chasenobxtchmando

      You inspired me to love parrots

    • Chasenobxtchmando

      Did you see that the cadged opened

    • Jake Addy

      Caroline, please keep at least one hand on the steering wheel at all times, I'm not saying this to be a jerk, but out of genuine concern for safety. Great hair and happy story! Great news! 🙂

    • Richard Lazo

      Wow thats amazing! she made it 🙂

    • Deanna Pye

      You and Tara created a miracle for Flair. Awesome outcome. Flairs wing looks as good as new. This is how all humanity should be with our animal friends. I hope you make a video of her being released. Thank you Carolin.

    • Davex66 gaming and more fun Content

      Carolin you do great work for taking care of this peachen i wish I was able to donate next time I will tho but without you and Tara and everyone giving her support she wouldn’t be here 😭😭but now she will be free soon to be with her flock

    • Cute Kitten

      Meow!!! (It healed! Good Job!)

    • Delnita

      So good to see Flair doing OK. Glad Tara and you saved her life. Thank You Both

    • Chewbacca

      Awesome ladies!!

    • cońe y Edith

      I love peacock's especially the males when they display their feathers to the females and i really like u saving the peacock's life

    • Xiomara Medina

      Thank u for u helping animals god bless u


      So awesome! Praise God! So happy Flair is doing well! Can't wait to see the release!!❤🙏🏼🦚 God bless you!

    • D Love of hounds

      You girls did a great job saving Flair.
      Tara you're an angel keeping her for 6 weeks though smelled up your garage.
      Flair is so cute thinking her wing needs some overdue preening. I was wondering why you brought food if she was possibly being released. Curious kitties in the house. 🤩
      She's content but will be so very happy back with her flock!

    • Michelle Morningstar

      yes i want to see her with her flock for sure amazing job,,,,

    • Lori Meynig

      Flair looks so healthy. Thank you to your friend that help and home Flair.

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