Another incredible YouTube video with Pepper, my cute Caique parrot. This video is not sponsored! We just love trying out new things with our super cute birdie. Did you know you could put your parrot on a leash? Where would you take your birdie?
To find your own “bird diaper” check out:
This is not an affiliated or sponsored video. I just like my parrot and make questionable purchases.

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    10 replies to "Do you need a Bird Diaper? Wear testing flightsuit with my Caique"

    • Murtadha Alaamer

      You guys are cool ☺️☺️

    • Backyard Films

      cute video and hey Pepper

    • Morning D.E.W.

      Hello Lady! Looking Lovely!

    • Allen Oxendine

      lol, you guys are cool.. Watching and Supporting with Full View Like 13.. Hope your weekend is going well..

    • Jessica Earnshaw

      Hi miss you and u should do a live again

    • ATJH Travels

      That was cool and unique ty sharing sledgehammered that like button shared this out and a enjoyed watch

    • Giggles_ Giggles

      Hahaha the bird doesn't like the diaper 🤣🤣

    • Giggles_ Giggles

      You're truly so uniquely beautiful, you should model

    • Giggles_ Giggles

      Yaay you're back. I missed you!! Aww your bird is so cuteeee

    • BLACK OPS Man

      I'm so happy that your back!!!

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