Monty…trying to see if someone can help me with his body language. It looks like I’m quite close while filming but I’m an arms length away.

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    • sodacoaster

      You will be able to tell after you get to know him more. He may have chosen your husband as his mate. JB did that too. JB loved the males in all his previous homes (the men in the house). He’s getting more comfortable and so he’s showing how he really feels now. It took my JB about two years to do that. You may want to go on TEC email list (see other post) to get their advice about the lack of body language before he bites. WHERE – where was he when he bit you?

    • floofybird

      done a 180 in his actions towards me. I used to trust him completely and now I admit to being rather nervous and have to make a very big effort to stay calm and project a soothing feeling towards him.

      You said I would know “for sure” if he was going to bite me and I’ve been bitten 5-6 times with ZERO warning. I can’t figure out when he’s going to bite and when he isn’t.

    • floofybird

      This is what my friends on AA have recommended. I have one and have been using that or a covered body part. He was a rescue/foster; has been vetted and only recently has started acting like this towards me. He has formed a bond with my husband who can do anything with him and never get bitten despite the very limited time they spend together. He very RARELY pins his eyes and has yet to do it before he bites. I agree, I am getting very nervous around him now because he seems to have…

    • sodacoaster

      You need to get a booda perch. It will let you interact and pick him up without having to be so afraid – In this whole video i think he just wanted to be picked up by you. Do NOT let him on the floor they get extremely territorial very quickly. Take a deep breath before you interact with him, you are too nervous. He’s less nervous than you are. If he was trying to bite you in this video, you would know for sure – he was just trying to step up or keep playing.

    • sodacoaster

      Yes, when the orange part gets large he is either excited or aggressive. When the pupil gets really small it’s called “pinning.” Have you taken him to the vet? What’s his story? Wiping beak on the cage is just a sign for all done. He’s quite calm the whole time in this video.

      I don’t think he’s biting you – i think he’s trying to step up or keep interacting with you. What’s his story? When he’s leaning forward he wants to go with you. I think he just wants you to pick him up.

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