Eclectus Parrot Bird Bath Video!

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    15 replies to "Eclectus Parrot Bird Bath Video!"

    • Grandma Ventures

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    • Ann-Marie Leonard

      He's very handsome.

    • Terry Sylvester

      he's gorgeous!!

    • cindy kirby

      He has snappy music. Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait for him to say something.🥭

    • Rosie Alonzo

      He is a beautiful bird. Thanks for sharing him Grandma Ventures.

    • Granny Lanna

      Grandma ventures I can’t get on my posh mark im going to email u my email starts with hippie so I’ll send u all my info maybe u can help me fix it HELP please .. love ur bird

    • Sara Harms

      He is precious!

    • Rona Upton

      He is so cute I love his colours love watching the videos xx

    • cat fred

      Hi, I was waiting for his next video! I'm so glad he brings you so much enjoyment! Off now to get my second vaccine…

    • Amal Eid

      He us so beautiful

    • Sue Dodd

      Just subscribed, love animals hes a beauty

    • Seaside Mom

      How often does he need a bath?

    • Ericka Clements

      i loved watching this, im so glad you have such an awesome bird companion!!!!

    • Donna Wentz

      I’ve seen birds get dried off by using a hairdryer and the birds love it! It might be worth a try to see if Mango likes it

    • Robin L

      Aww enjoyed your video. My grandson has a Quaker parrot that is just about 2 now. he has been here since he was 3 months old. His name is Frankie. Today I thought he was choking sitting on the bottom of the cage. Turned out he was laying an egg! LOL Now I have to get used to calling him a her.

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