EVERYTHING YOU NEED Before You Get a Parrot!

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Today I cover everything you need if you’re getting a bird!! Parrots require a large array of supplies to keep them happy and healthy.

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Elle’s Avian Essentials Kits are the perfect all-in-one bundle to set up your bird’s cage with EVERYTHING they need! Toys, perches, food bowls… they’ve got it all! When you purchase an Elle’s Avian Essential’s Kit, the only other items you need are the cage and the food.

HOW TO SET UP YOUR BIRD’S CAGE: https://youtu.be/h05WHyIs0N8
PARROT DIET: https://youtu.be/a-EPSh0pWHw

MY AMAZON LISTS FOR BIRDS (products I use and recommend): https://www.amazon.com/shop/livelaughbirds

💙Bluebell – blue budgie
💛Ducky – lutino cockatiel
💚Kermit – yellow-sided green cheek conure
💖Pearl – albino budgie
💜Violet – blue budgie

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disclaimer: I earn a small commission from the Amazon store at no extra cost to you.

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