Learn About Cockatiel Parrot – as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. This is a very popular type of bird, particularly with people with kids, because Coc…

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    40 replies to "Exotic Birds: Cockatiel Parrot"

    • geobeats

      Thanks for watching!

    • Soundillusions94xyz

      Your birdy looks GORGEOUS, look at that tail!

    • DirectorLeeGiat

      Great vid, lots of nice information! Just a few questions.
      1. Why do Cockatiels pace back and forth in their cage?
      2. Also, if a Cockatiel is sick and there’s no access to a vet within 24-48 hours, what should we do?

    • Neto Nascimento

      I invite watch my bello and belinha 3 on youtube

    • geobeats

      Thanks for watching!

    • Neto Nascimento

      I liked i loved

    • simonster99

      Plz could someone help me? I’m thinking of bying a cockatiel, but I don’t know if I should get 2 of them sins I go to school so I’ll be gone for about 8 hours, but if I where to like play with him and such after school and on weekends could it still workout with only 1 cockatiel?

    • jajuska8833

      zastrihnuté krídla….tomu sa hovorí láska???!!!!!!…:(

    • geobeats

      Thanks for watching ours!

    • Kani Coleman

      Can cockatiels move their crest like cockatoos

    • XSuperNinjaExtremeX

      not sure whether to get a lovebid or cockatiel

    • Jayden Harris

      by the way like most birds the male is more colorful then the female birds

    • Jayden Harris

      the females do but there “whistle” is not as high pitch as the male birds. but if you trying to teach your bird to talk get a male bird they are easier to teach then females

    • Lainiparish zuki

      HARRY POTTER FAN ! – she named her bird Pigwidgeon !

    • Carahfae

      I love watching Cockatiel videos 🙂 They remind me just how much I love mine.

    • Muskan JuTT

      do female cockateil dont whistle ? and how u know its male or female can u tell me

    • Whitney Woodside

      Did you trim them wrong?

    • Whitney Woodside

      I clip my budgies, but only because they are just getting out of the cage (finally decided to do it) and they don’t seem to have any sweet clue where they are flying..and then I have a dog who would like one. But even with clipped wings, they will be sitting all happy on my finger, or eating with their friends on a cage, and they will burst off and glide into a window or wall like there is nothing there. I’m only able to keep the calmer ones out now, as the others are gonna hurt themselves.

    • Lindsey Ligsay

      I have a cockatiel

    • Waleed Khan Khan

      my next pet

    • Jeantee Small

      u need to train them to stay and come so they dont fall our fly off there perch

    • maawar1

      I bought a pair of budgies and a cockatiel, then i trimmed the wings of cockatiel and the female budgie to tame, after few days the female budgie and the tiel died :'(

    • TheFunkhouser

      Yeah but in the same instance you dont want a beautiful wee Tiel slamming itself into a window while flying in the house. My last bird did and he almost died! With my new bird I very gently chip his wings just a bit, I can now take him out the backyard and he has a fly around at a foot or two off the ground while I watch. They can still get exercise whilst their wings are clipped.

      Trust me, seeing your wee friend unconscious through a face plant on glass is VERY VERY upsetting =(

    • TheFunkhouser


      Are males normally more affectionate than females? I read somewhere they are? I have a cinnamon Tiel but Im darned if I know if “hes” a boy or girl, I was told by the breeder hes a male, could you maybe check my channel and see the video there and possibly let me know, Id love your input. Thanks for your upload. =)

    • MistyTheLucario

      My parents and me let my cockatiel fly around the house as long as he’s not too loud. He isnt really that friendly though XD When he was younger, he was all cute but he’s usually grumpy but still happy.

    • Rocktricks P

      We let our two cockatiels Spartacus and Peaty roam free, they walk around and fly around and land on our head and they’re pretty happy 🙂 They’re such good expressive little birds they’re like tiny feathery people! We put them in their cage at night and when nobody is home of course but most of the time they follow us and sleep on the picture frames and have a generally good time…

    • geobeats

      Thanks for watching!

    • celia yeung

      i love the cheeks!

    • taila vanessa

      Talkative african grey parrot for adoption. due to our relocation and expectancy of a new born baby, we have decided to look for a pet loving family to adopt and love our parrot. she is 2years old a combination of brains and beauty. she is a great talkative and can produce up to 50basic English words and sing songs in English like jingle bells and happy birthday. contact us if you are able to give her a loving home. kindly contact us at – vanessataila0@gmail.com

    • VLS1998t

      All birds are exotic ….

    • Tweeter066

      Their not exotic

    • sisimma

      He looks so cool on the cover picture of the video.

    • MrDerpyourface

      Why would a tame domestacated one even bite it only bites when it feels threatend or when streed and these types of birds dont have agressive features its not a mocaw or cockatoo and there bites dont hurt that bad yes it could make u bleed but any thing can make u bleed even a little gecko. Any animal can bite as well it just depends on the personnality and how u treat it

    • MrDerpyourface

      Ur a dumb lisa

    • Lisa Smith

      These are NOT good pets for children. Even tame ones can bite hard and draw blood. They go into nesting mode at times – males too – and become aggressive for no reason. It’s only hormonal, and it passes. but they will defend their territory and attack at those times. I love my birds, but I do not recommend them for children. They all need a bit of a fly at least. Lock your house properly, turn off fans, stoves and heaters, and keep an eye on them so they don’t chew things.

    • SnackAttackGaming

      In my opinion if your gonna clip a birds wings you shouldn’t own a bird. You want a creature that is made to fly to be flightless. If you want an animal that doesn’t fly get a puppy.

    • Alexx Macavinta

      my tamed cockatiel came from a breeder. he costs php2000 with the lovely cage and a swing and a branch. sorry i live in the philippines maybe you could convert it and maybe they have the same price if u could find a breeder

    • Alexx Macavinta

      then u should clip his wings since that will make him or her more dependent on you

    • lordfuehrer420

      a tame cockatiel is probably $80-120 depending on the color/mutation you get

    • PhatMikeTheVlogs

      My cockatiels aren’t forgiving, I’ve had them for a year almost 2

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