Expectations vs Reality Shopping for Parrot Supplies Online

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So, I ordered this “Happy Hut” listed for Macaws on Amazon for Rachel. Based on the photo on the listing, you’d expect this thing to be an enormous tent, at least 30 inches. Well, suffice it to say when I received a little yellow envelope from Amazon, I was starting to think that maybe it’s not really going to fit my macaw.

Unfortunately, a lot of the parrot supplies sold online and particularly on Amazon are made and sold by companies who have never seen a parrot before in their life. Being unfamiliar with the dimensions of the birds is just the beginning. They don’t know what is safe and not safe for parrots or what kinds of things parrots like.

This is why over 10 years ago I started making perches and toys for my own parrots and started the company Parrot Wizard. What I realized was that the problem isn’t shopping online instead of in person, but rather buying from anonymous sellers peddling junk they don’t even what it’s for. So, I’ve been continuously expanding my collection of toys, stands, perches, and parrot care supplies. My products are based on years of experience and research into what parrots really like. Not just my birds, but feedback from thousands of customers. I make sure I love the products, my parrots love the products, and most importantly my customers and their parrots love the products as well!

Don’t be deceived by fake photoshopped images of parrots that were never even in the same room as the products. All photos on my site are genuine of my actual birds with those actual products. You can see my Macaw, Cape, or Senegal Parrot next to products for size reference. I also have many videos of these items in action so that you can really get a feel for how big they are. If I recommend something for a certain size bird, you bet it will be suitable for that sized bird. So, check out the genuine bird-approved parrot supplies from Parrot Wizard at:


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Parrot Wizard says:

Have you ever bought something online for your parrot that wasn't the size you expected? What do you think I should do with the hut I received? Return it? Leave a review with pictures?

c G says:

Had my sun conure in one and he never pooped in it. It didn’t make him aggressive either.

Cute Chaos says:

I mean she kind of fits…. Her tail feathers and head are gonna be cool 😂 oh goodness it made me laugh. Thank you for the video and info!

Blue the raptor says:

Happy huts no no no more like death dens

major pain says:

I ordered a harness for blue fronted amazon with bite proof cable and the one that came was for walking a gecko

Miss Independent My Way says:

Rachel should get an oscar for supporting actress
I think that would fit Keli the African Senegal Parrot

Zunair Birds says:

Very nice 👌👌👌👍👌

Antonio Kinsey says:

Before even watching the video, I knew lol
Amazon sellers photo shop large birds with small parrot toys/supplies.
When it comes to those sleep huts, it’s no different with those twistable rope perches, even harnesses. As soon as they start fraying (any fabric material) they are dangerous hazards. They can get their claws caught in them, get strangled, etc.
yes’m and I’m hearing more and more about the dangers of the different clips being used.
if you want to use anything with fabrics, keep a very close eye and discard with any sign of fraying.

Janu says:

It looks like rebranded rat/ferret hammock tbh, would be pretty nice for rats but not for birds!

Viktorija Petkevičienė says:

Great video 😁 100% agree… sad that we are from Europe 😆😔

Necie Au says:

Those photos made my day

Love Cavaliers says:

Happy huts are not safe unless you like crop impaction

Wiz Kid says:

Do you ship to Australia ?

Carol Hartley says:

That one is more as you said a conure, my hut is made by the bird inly store and they are expensive, his is the correct fabric and likes to sleep in it, but that one, sorry but it's ridicules, poor Rachel all swished in there😂♥️btw your products are excellent, I've ordered different things and myy conure loves everything you guys have sold me, you know what you're doing for sure and thanx!

Zorro the BHC says:

To funny 😄 suprised u got her in there

ec18041973 Gmail says:

ROFLMAO 😁 😍 😍 😍

Linda Parrot says:

“I lost my lovebird in one her name was Peaches her mate Cream was almost killed also” (Too happy huts I give them a big thumbs down 👎🏻 they are so dangerous)
Here’s what happened to my Peaches a Creamano Peach Faced Lovebird:
“They both got stuck in the inner lining of the hut and Peaches suffocated but Cream survived barely”
@linda_parrot 🦜
R.I.P ☀️🌈 Peaches

Moto Rick says:

A Rachel burrito!!

Michele Eddy says:

…..dad how come you put me in here? What am I supposed to do now? Dad, I trust you, I am waiting for the ‘super fun Time’ to happen. Becoming unsure of your intentions for me as I am hanging in this fuzzy triangle blanket with my back end spilling out. Please let’s not do this again, ever!

J K says:

I would be very careful buying from China. Made in China isn't safe for pets of various kinds.


Hi thanks so much for the nice video.yes I have bought things on line for my bird that was not his size.I hear happy huts, are dangerous for birds.thanks so much for the video.

Matthew Tr says:

😂😂😂😂 I'm sorry for laughing bro 🦜🦜 looked so funny in there

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