Let’s talk about Ezekial the prophet . The office of the watchman / watchwoman isn’t an easy calling, but it is imperative that it be done . God calls certain people to warn . God does this out of love .❤️
Ecclesiastes 3, Ezekial 33 , 34:15, 36:26, 36:27-38, 37.

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    • We are Christ's Beloved

      Have missed you, pray you are ok? God bless ❤️🙏

    • We are Christ's Beloved

      Have missed you, pray you are ok? God bless ❤️🙏

    • Jonathan

      I stopped seeing your videos pop up and I felt led to research your channel. It’s weird that even though I’m a sub, I didn’t see any notification. Love you sister, seasons change, but the Lord God Almighty remains the same and He loves you so much! I love all of you brothers and sisters in Christ! Stay strong in the Lord Jesus and lean on Him! Hang in there!

    • TheRedsails

      lord jesus keep my sister and her family safe , let the warrior angels distroy anything coming against her

    • TheRedsails

      my season is the survival , i am tired sister , i hate my life , slavery , poverty , i dont know why my life has to be so jacked up

    • TheRedsails

      love to you sister , i miss you always look forward to your word , just here in the bronx totally insane , i just keep and praying and tired and trying not to give up

    • TheRedsails

      I need a cool bird like that

    • Sword of the Lord

      Good message. No it is not easy being a prophet. As you mentioned, sometimes the Lord will have us take a break from the channel for day's at a time and I will receive no messages to share during the rest period's. And the attack's from the enemy also have a wearing down effect. Thanks for sharing. God bless you.

    • Michelle Reyes

      Glad your back! It's so true what you said God takes us through trials to refine us and makes us stronger and creating us to whom He wants us to be! Amen! Will be praying for you and your family! God bless!🙏🙏😇❤️

    • Diane Shackway

      Thank you sister well deserved rest praying for you and your family. Heart story my radiator hose burst split in half and as soon as it happened I praised Jesus and thanked him as it was another lesson I had learned earlier that day reminding me to forgive 70×7 so when I sent my husband a picture of the hose I noticed a heart wet mark on the right side of the split. Later when I saved that photo to my gallery I noticed another wet heart shape on the other side of it. All for the glory of the Lord 🙏👑🙏👑🙏👑❤️

    • Diane Amenia

      Amen sister…The Lord Jesus have me In Ezekiel as welll. Such confirmation…kiss little Ezekiel for me…and may The Lord God continue to shine His face upon and give you peace. Shalom!!!!

    • JJ Ricks

      Hello girlfriend. I have held you in my prayers. I knew something was going on, past normal, with you. This message, just like He does for us that passionately love Him, was given, right on time. 💖💛✌☄🎵

    • Lori Baird

      Thank you for sharing that word and the Scriptures! I am praying for you and your family !

      He said we would be hated and kicked out of the Synagogues ( churches ) for His name sake! John 16:1,2

      But He will fill you with His Holy Spirit to carry out His will, and He will be with you! John 16:7-15.

      I was so depressed this morning because I am hated by those He has had me delivering His messages and warnings to, and the knowledge of what is about to unfold any day!

      I have just prayed that He would make the shift happen because I can clearly see that they will not repent until that shaking takes place!

      He has had me held up in a Red Sea circumstance for an entire year! I don’t want to be like poor me , but when you tell people the truth, and they treat you worse than a stray animal, or someone with leprocy then it is very natural to have righteous anger like Jesus did when He entered the Temple and turned over their tables!

      Some of the churches that The Lord has had me dealing with have within their walls coffee and gift shops, book stores, etc.
      Also come take a trip with us to Israel, or a cruise somewhere! Really!?

      For my calling it was required that I sell pretty much everything I had and just keep basic things I needed for survival. I received the same instructions as The Lord gave His disciples just before they went out. Matthew 10.
      The Lord has purposely put me in needy situations, and had me seek help from these pastors and individuals, and I have been 100% denied!, and told to stay away or they would have me thrown in jail! The Lord will then lead me to an individual that will give me a little help, but it is not a comfortable situation, and I am just praying to depart!

      God does not change, nor the the way He will deal with these pastors and individuals that reject the truth, and have persecuted His prophets and messengers!

      I am praying for you Sister , and God will Bless you for being obedient to your calling!

    • Scrappy Dappy Doo

      After a friend crushed my heart, Jesus said the same thing. "It is not about you." I will humble myself before my Lord and though none go with me, still I will follow. It will be worth it all to someday hear Jesus say, "Well done my good and faithful servant." Amen 💙💛💜

    • Latisha

      Hi sis, I miss you a lot! I got baptized last Sunday what a beautiful moment with our lord Jesus Christ, amen 😇🙏🏽💝🥰🤗 I'm still praying for you and your family and everyone else in Christ and for the lost❣🙏🏽 P.S. I luv your birds so pretty 🕊🤗🥰

    • Gregory Young

      My dearest Sister Trish, you are EXACTLY CORRECT. HIS Purification and Sanctification process for each ONE in HIM is different. However, it remains PERFECT and COMPLETELY Holy. HE is EXISTENCE itself; so ENORMOUSLY EXPANSIVE and VAST; that NO ONE will ever be able to FULLY define HIM with 100% accuracy. WE WALK BY FAITH/NOT BY SIGHT. HIS SOVEREIGNTY OF LOVE RULES AND REIGNS FOREVER AND EVER IN HIS HOLY ETERNITY FROM EVERLASTING TO EVERLASTING. Almighty God Bless you, my dearest Sister Trish, always and forever. Amen

    • Lynne Johnson

      Trish, be encouraged, I have a list of watchmen/women that I intercede for everyday. You & family are loved & protected by the Lord of Lords and King of Kings. Our redemption is near!!!

    • lisa craig

      I wondered where you were! Glad your back!

    • Pamela Webb

      Thank you sister. You will come out of this trial soon. You will be stronger and all will see it. You are only being blessed. Jesus is holding your hand and living you with an unmatched love. Glory to God. God Bless and keep you.

    • Jenn Bug

      Good Word Trisha. Thank you for sharing and reading His word. You are missed when we don't see you, but we all understand.
      Love you Sweetie!
      Prayers for you and your boys… always! 🙏🌸💕

    • Maureen Santiago

      You sounded so distraught when last you spoke. Reading john 3:16 i believe. You sound much better. Like your ole self. Not old self, ole self. You are a watchwoman of the Lord. God chose you. Imagine what God sees in you. We will never know what God sees in us. But there is something shining in us. Only God knows why He put it there because it is not by anything we have ever done. Or will ever do. But He knew us from before we were born. And maybe at that time, before we were conceived, God put a genuine, one of a kind, unique God chip in us. And after we were born it grew right along with the rest of us. Of course no one could ever see it because its not man made. Its God Made. Even if we found ourselves in an operating room, as the operatee. Nothin in there but the usual stuff. But all the while God can see that infernal blazing God Chip. From miles and miles away God saw us. Maybe its so His Mighty Angels can keep a close watch over us. We'd never get lost in the crowd so to speak. So happy that you have returned dearest firefighter. God has been hearing your name quite a bit in my prayers. I would remind Him. You know her, i'd say. Shes the one with all those hearts, and those beautiful hands. The one that activates my tear ducts on occasion. Then God would say, OH YES. THATS MY GIRL. f.f.♡

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