Parrots are the most intelligent animals in the world. These vegetarian birds can feed themselves by holding food with their feet. 🦜 have a long life expectancy of 49 to 80 years. Pet parrots live longer than wild ones because they are shielded from predators and diseases.

🐦 s are omnivores whose diets are very broad, varing from different species of fruits, seeds, nuts, insects and meat Though omnivorous, you don’t necessarily have to feed your pet parrot meet, as they are more content with delicious fruits and nuts.

There are 398 species of parrots. Some parrots can talk. Parrots can weigh upto 7 pounds. 🐦 s build nests inside trees. All birds have amazing grip but only the 🦜 is able to hold food up to their beak while eating. 🐦 s imitate sound, so they can fit in with their surroundings. It’s advisable not to place fingers anywhere near parrots beak( unless you have a very close bond with them) as they are extremely strong. 🐦 s love seeds and could happily munch on these all day long.

Parrots are smart because they have a brain neural circuit, similar to primates including humans. Scientists believe that 🦜 s have the same logic as a four year human child.

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