No judgment should be passed on people who come face to face with the reality of having to rehome their birds. Bean has been legally surrendered to Ronie’s For the Love of Birds Parrot Rescue. You can apply to adopt Bean off their website once I’m done working with him here:

Don’t forget to support your local bird rescues! Your time is the best donation to these birds, as well as making them fresh, healthy food to eat or sending them toys to chew on. It doesn’t always have to be a financial donation – you can even consider being a foster parront!

Thank you to my patrons over at Patreon for making it possible for me to take on Bean and other project birds:
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    18 replies to "First Day With Bean The Terrified African Grey"

    • Emily M

      just ordered your parrot food after seeing your reaction to the fiesta mix lmaoo… it’s all my gcc will eat (adopted from previous owner) i’ve tried other pellets but he doesn’t take to them, excited to try yours!

    • Layla Lady

      I have African grey is age 9

    • Jennifer Smith

      My heart goes out to him, poor darling! He's so timid and shivering, it's tough being surrounded by so many new things. Possibly try singing to him, keep talking to him and be where he can see you go about your day so he learns your not a CAG eating monster. I hope things work out for this lovely fellow.

    • Mingi luvsbudgies

      Bean is so adorable and sweet💛 thanks for looking after him, bless you. Sending love and prayers to Laura and her family❤️

    • ian webster

      try bringing in another bird

    • Emily Knoke

      To me 40 min wasn't long enough time to wait i would have left food and water on the counter and sat on the couch and watch tv to take the pressure off i dont know but it looked like you where hovering around his carier the whole time he didn't have time to seattle. animal can only be afraid for so long before they have to come up with a different way to deal with situation fight flight avoid or surrender wich is where they are willing to interact. He is currently in straight flight mode he is going to be a tough nut to crack. Like one of my favorite animal trainer person always says it's easier to rehabilitate an aggressive animal than a fearful animal because you have to build their confidence. Aggressive animals are easier because they already have the confidence to attack you so all you have to do is calm them down and show them there is a better way to interact.

    • Betsy Phariss

      I see him looking at the camera. I don’t think they like that big eye staring at them.

    • Andy Holmes

      He's beautiful. He is starting to de-stress with his full body shakes, he doesn't appear frightened of you, just unsure of his new environment maybe. Personally id try and get him to perch and hopefully allow you to be around him whilst you do your stuff, keep the verbal comms going though. Good luck, he looks awesome!

    • Anna Googins

      More vids of bean plz

    • FacesOfTheWind

      I feel so sorry for them for having to rehome him when they've been together so long. When they left and he went into that corner trying so hard to get closer to them I cried so hard for him. They are all he's ever known. It's sad for all of them but I'm happy he has you guys for the transition from this trauma.

    • Sienna Burke

      Omg I want him 😍

    • Carey Roberts

      Since he likes music, play Spongebob for him.

    • Cameron Mccaughey

      What happens next ? Maybe you made cheese on toast & he went mental for that, then what happened to his cage? He doesn't know where his safe place is , maybe if you don't like having the cage ,he can get weaned off that later ,but he's shocked at the minute isn't he ? Needs something familiar . Maybe you did that but we couldn't see in the video .

    • Emily Knoke

      I would start over with the bird let it go back in its carier and do like you did with morgan you where more instinctual and you let her come out on her terms you offered a variety of food and watter and you took your time read the bird and find what works. I saw another comment they said to play music since the owner says he likes it find something to build the confidence then start intro to target training to build trust. I dont know much about birds besides from watching you. but i know with animals if you want to help them you can't be in a hurry.

    • SJ Smith

      There's a bird trainer on Facebook called "my reading pets" and while there's a lot you'd disagree with I really like her use of yes/no tokens for birds. She uses a red pipe cleaner for 'no' and a green one for 'yes' which allows the bird to really choose stuff. I think you could expand that for decisions to help give the bird choices and maybe reduce flying off because he would be able to anticipate more of what's happening.

    • Jacqueline Sandell

      Ok, I just want to say that I love all your videos, I use your food and I have your books. BUT, I found this video very hard to watch.
      He was scared, and needed to be able to come out at his own pace. I feel like forcing him out was wrong but that's just my opinion. Also food… he is terrified and changing his food right off the bat is just another thing that is going to upset him.
      Pop him on a play stand and leave him to get acclimated to his surroundings. Go about your day and sing to him, you know he loves music or SpongeBob. I feel like maybe you were wrong on this one. Some birds esp AG can take awhile to warm up and get comfortable. Please give him some space and time to adjust in his own time.

    • David Symons

      I'm not sure where I'm getting this from, but I would have tried something unusual to lure him out of his cage… a piece of cheese or something…

    • Sean Mills

      Poor Bean I am glad that he found a safe home and new family, God bless and stay safe love Sean 😌😌😌😌😌😌😚😚😚😚😚👍👍👍

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