Hey guys, thanks for watching this video on flowers you can give your parrots!

I would like to thank BuyWholeFoodsOnline for working with me on this video and providing the flowers I featured!

I have included a selection of our favourite flowers as well as ones I think are most useful to give your parrot.

Preparing flowers is simple, easy and fun and they can be provided in so many ways to supplement your parrots diet!
Make sure any flowers you provide have no caffeine and are from a decent retailer like BuyWholeFoodsOnline.

As usual, any more I’ve missed, ideas etc please feel free to leave them in the comments!

I would like to thank BuyWholeFoodsOnline for working with me on this video and providing the flowers I featured!

Here is a link to Buy Whole Foods*!


*Disclosure: This is an affiliate link, meaning at no cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. The funds will go solely towards food, toys and vet bills for the birds!

Music: Tropic – Anno Domini Beats, free to use with Youtube audio library.

Link to safe flowers for parrots information: https://parrotfunhouse.com/blogs/parronting-essentials-blog/list-of-safe-flowers-for-parrots

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    7 replies to "Flowers You Can Feed Your Parrot | Bird Diet Ideas | WarGamingParrot AD"

    • An G's Feathered Friends

      Love when everything blooms again around my area. Free dandelion and clover flowers all over the place in the yard! I know budgies and cockatiels love eating the pedals. Wonder if the ones you listed would grow around here or not, might be worth growing some just in the summer, in a big batch, and freezing for the off season.

    • jagodanz

      Hi! Thank you for your video. Do you add these flowers bare to the seeds or give essense like liquid

    • Yamuna devi

      This is a brilliant video, you’ve shown how easy it is to add this to our parrots diet, I’m definitely gonna be buying these from whole foods as well as the good seeds in your previous videos

    • ornithology dude

      Awesome video! I just got out of a pet store… you can imagine what the scene was like!:
      A zebra finch close to death
      And a budgie with a ring that is too tight.
      Smh lol

    • Tf2 Medic

      Is honey safe for birds?keep up your goodwork u are very informative

    • Budgie Banter

      I knew some flowers were s a f e for birds but I n er knew they could eat them lololololol


      Hi first view

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