I promise he isn’t on drugs!

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    5 replies to "Funny sun conure parrot"

    • ReignsofHell

      mine does this too lol soooo cute

    • chosen2worship23

      Please give the bird music!

    • deepfreezevideo2

      she needs music!
      Dang no sooner did I type that then your boyfriends SAYS it!
      I almost fell outta my chair!

    • hulabird

      Sweet little conure. Could she be trying to crack open the feather sheaths on the back of her neck? My macaw does that. I help her out by pinching them with my fingers. They can be sensitive though so gentle is the key.

    • dinosaurtoes

      How funny! My sun conure also does this dance and I’ve wondered if she was the only one! Guess not!

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