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TOP 10 Breeds parrot Collection.

*Moluccan Cockatoo.
*Ring-necked Parakeet.
*African Grey Parrot.
*Orange-winged Amazon.
*Eclectus Parrots.
*Hawk-headed Parrots.
*Golden-collared Macaw.

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    15 replies to "Good healthy parrot breeding farm"

    • K

      Plenty of birds need homes already. Birds should be respected not breeding into captivity for profit. This makes more suffering in the world unnessecarily, it's blood money you're making.

    • Rashid Siddiqui

      Address plz

    • Schleich Horse Lover 244

      don't buy don't breed,adopt a bird in need

    • kk Ameta

      Sir plz send your address

    • alfredo espinoza


    • alfredo espinoza

      Hello … beautiful birds. Have for sale, please, where can I communicate?

    • Lisa Harm

      I'm looking for a Male Eclectus ate you planning on having any babies ?

    • Gambhir singh india brids briding channel aligarh

      veary veary veary beautiful parrot veary nice video good apke parrot bhohut achhe he sir

    • Ananya Kumawat

      Bird chye mujhe plz Replly

    • Mehdi Mostajabi

      where is it?

    • Pralay Majumder

      Awesome đź‘Ś

    • Nabila Asif


    • Aj Play Boy

      Ring neck prise jodi

    • Arshad Hussain

      Pigeons today tu kisi ko reply kyun nahi de Raha hai

    • Tahir Rana

      do you ship in USA?

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