hanging with dad and listening to some @everclear santa monica

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diane sagan says:

Nothing better than daddy's hands around me. ♥️♥️♥️

Karen Riley says:

Griffi you look so good. You can tell the tender loving care mommy and daddy are giving you! Thanks for sharing Griffi with us!💕

Connie H says:

Oh, Griffi!!! You make me so happy!! 💞 Your cuteness and dancing are beyond amazing!!! 🎶🥰🎶

Cheryl Tauer says:

Finally getting leaves baby you're so sweet

Kristine N says:

Does she get 12 hours sleep, undisturbed?—with no stressful circumstances with other birds or animals? Does she get plenty of GOOD, proper foods to eat? Are you giving her weekly showers? Don't feed these birds fruit – give them vegetables, beans, broccoli, pellots, etc. My bird changed 100% for the better, including feathers, by changing these simple things.

Byrnadette Ramirez says:

You're so adorable Griffi! Luv you guys!

Celestial Wonders says:

Have a Healthy and Loving Day, grateful for having you all share our sweetie Griffi✨💜🤗🐥

Gloworm says:

Happy Thanksgiving to your family. Griffi's looking fluffier. Can't wait to see what a fully feathered Goffin looks like. Beautiful.

Nancy Brown says:

Love to see Griffi so happy and cuddling in Daddy's hands. You both give her so much love. Hope you all have a HAPPY Thanksgiving!

Ms.Cellaneous says:

Griffi is such a Daddy's Girl. Her little feathers look awesome. She is definitely responding to the love, care and kindness you have shown her. Wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving.

Sandra Winkleman says:

Just let him dance till the music stops 😊

Sandra Winkleman says:

You have a great heart to raise Griffi and you should make a sweater for him because I get chills watching him dance and thank you for sharing your Griffi with us all 🙏❤️🥰

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