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    10 replies to "Hatching jungle egg(Adopt me)"

    • Cool_cofe5 Roblox

      Ooo you are so lucky im only hewe brown bear

    • King Kanchaw

      Ito na regalo mo lodi.. Regalohan mo narin sana ako. 🙏

    • Roblox and Brawl

      Madam lips do you have spare ride a bull pet

    • Sleepy Kyara

      Uh are you an Adult playing Roblox?

    • Angelic Gaming980

      Lucky how many eggs did you open?

    • c h l x e

      Trade? I will give penguin and unicorn cycle x

    • Princess Sofia Dinyhel

      Naglalaro krin pala niyan sis musta

    • Cool_cofe5 Roblox

      Omg im now found crocodile im so happy!

    • Dr Fish

      Very cool thumbs up enjoying Friend

    • Adom 9

      You Are SO LUCKYYYYY

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