Welcome to our cockatoo live streaming with my parrots Joseph and Tiago Tehrani.🤗

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    11 replies to "Here we R Cockatoo live stream :)"

    • Ana Maria Martinez Arredondo

      Josep guapa

    • immotep amunaptra

      Joseph and Tiago are good boys 😁

    • Lynn Lopez

      Yikes, Tiago! Shrieking and biting. He is incorrigible!

    • Vivian Whitmore

      Shame on es for scolding Tiago😠😠

    • Vivian Whitmore

      Seems very unwise to leave both of them unsupervised !!!

    • norway178

      At 8:16 Joseph gets startled because of a loud noise at the bottom of his cage. Could it be Tiago picked up the spoon that Joseph dropped after he finished his almond butter. Sounded like he was throwing it around. lol

    • Geraldine Wright

      Hi Es and boys. Es please eat..You lost weight. Love and peace..gg

    • Emi

      Aww, little baby shark Tiago flies straight back to his Daddy’s shoulder even after he is naughty and scolded! He sure loves💘 Daddy (Is he for sure a boy?😂🤣)

    • Tyrell Hall

      Long time sir!!!!

    • connie White

      Oh My God That Little bird, had to turn my hearing aide down 😔 Awe Joseph I like to hug you, gave Thumbs up for Joseph

    • eve parker

      Hellooo 7777
      I need to Apologize to You!
      I'm deeply sorry I hurt your feelings!
      I was totally wrong! 😔😔😔
      Sincerely Eve

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