Hilarious Macaw Talking

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Blue & Gold talks to himself. During the video he says:

Watcha doin?
Thank you
Mmm Mmm

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Brianna Polanco says:

in case you're all wondering why birds eyes dialate when they speak:
the rapid dilation and constriction of the pupils of birds referred to as "flashing" and "pinning". Apparently for reasons of survival, a rapidly approaching or suddenly appearing object is treated as potentially dangerous by the bird. In order properly to deal with this potential danger, the ability to change focus rapidly would naturally be selected for, the process involving an appreciable change in the size of the pupil. Although the ability to change the size of the pupil is known in many birds, there is evidence, in parrots at least, that the ritualization of this mechanism into a display that serves to forestall intraspecific attack has accompanied the evolvement of or has been fortuitously associated with the morphological condition of pale-colored irides that contrast with dark pupils.
Humans also alter their pupil size in instances not related to changes in light levels, although we have smooth muscle in our dilator pupillae rather than the striated muscle that birds do. While pupillary changes can indicate that someone is focusing on a problem,they can also be indicative of a state of arousal

ARJB says:

A great taste in birds and music. Awesome.

s h says:

It's hard to hear the bird over the music

Julien Prévost says:

don't worry, mom or dad will pick up the watermelon

Betty Figge says:

Do they have to the beak trim

Captain Davy Jones says:

Cut the fruit into smaller portions

Bruce Mccomb says:

Do you still have him

shwubble is here says:

Technology and nature don’t compare it its too modern it’s not right either

ntarkeness says:

Why am I watching parrots at 2:25 Am?

Marjorie Amaral says:

i have the same one in Brazil, i miss him :'(

Branden Seeley says:

Why do the pupils dialate when he speaks?

Finches To Macaws says:

He’s so cute I’m getting one in a year or two

Noor 3094 says:

My macaw doesn't talk, he only makes zombie sound and screams 😅 I think I have a zombie one lol

Olivia Richmond says:

If you give me this bird, then I'll give you a 1 year old, Snow White, boxer terrior mix puppy.

Make Homer something, something says:

Rip Tom Petty

Jeff Thompson says:

not hilarious. teach him some conversation

Thunder Wolf says:

The macaw is so cute at the beginning saying "peekaboo"! Its so adorable

Anna Jurado says:

I have a blue & gold McCaw for 19 years. I brought Tarzan in this world and we'll depart together. My baby.

Andrea Jimenez says:

What a cutie!!! Gorgeous bird!! He loves to play peekaboo, dosent He? lol

xhag1x says:

crazy how his pupils retract every time he talks

Austin Tobin says:

honestly this is how crack heads act.. this is just cute because its a bird, with the intelligence of a full blown crack addict that lives in your house.

Dread White says:

Aww <3 I love macaws. They're so beautiful 🙂

River Young says:

i want to grab the parrot out of that screen and hug it!!

swiftbear says:

Swear it almost sounded like he picked up the watermelon and tasted it and said "HMMMM" hehe

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