Apollo will only practice when we’re not around. Read somewhere that parrots will often use their alone time to really go over what they learned/what happened that day. Today, there was much (fun) yelling.

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    24 replies to "His Descent into Madness | Apollo the Talking African Grey Parrot"

    • Vinícius Negrão

      Was he whistling the Ed, Edd and Eddy theme song at the end? WOW

    • Huahai Shen

      A fire outside is an outsire.

    • sheets

      I love him screaming with the girls, they're having a blast! "Dalton's outside. Tori!" And, "Look! This is Apollo!" He's so smart.

    • O1OO1O1

      "Hey Snack, wanna earn an Apollo?"

    • E H

      What a cute fire alarm. And it runs on "stashios".

    • Frankie and Company

      Apollo is so amazing!!!!!

    • rollanddev

      (off-camera) "What's this?"
      (Loud sound)
      (Apollo emerges onscreen, flustered.)


    • SnuffPuppet

      I need to know what cage Apollo has, or just the dimensions of it so I can be sure to get at least similar. It's exactly the kind of room I'm looking for and I have a terrible time eyeballing sizes on websites, even when they have the dimensions written lol. This way, I could at least decide if it was bigger, or smaller than Apollo's cage dimensions lol.

    • Nano

      Did… did he just whistle the Ed Edd & Eddy theme?

    • octabbia

      I'm sorry, but every time he says "SUCC" and goes "SHLURPSHLURPSHLSHLURP" I cannot HELP but literally bust out laughing!

    • Tara Kelly

      I sit
      In my desolate cage
      No lights
      No music
      Just shrock

    • Veronica R.

      Notice how most birds repeat things like "shut up!" "quiet!" "what you doing?" and "stop that!" where as Apollo repeats things like "very good Apollo!" "good boy!" and "wanna snack?" ❤️🥰

    • TheSmilingDog

      So crazy, good thing he didn't see Shrek or else that would've been a true disaster!

    • DJ Birdman

      This is typically the normal state of functioning an African Grey has.

    • Mandy Knowles

      He’s an absolute comedian. So funny when left to his own devices 😂

    • Some Punk In The Comments

      The comment section: He's so smart and aware, he even knows there was a fire outside.

      Me: There was!?

    • TeeDubbleDee

      I love how Soleil and Ophelia react to Apollo's screaming. 🤣🤣🤣

    • Mathilde Vhargon

      Thanks for all the fun you brought to my morning!

    • Kris Lynn

      Our boy just whistled Ed, Edd, and Eddy at the end.
      Also him recognizing the fire and the smoke is crazy.

    • Sansiveria

      'Nurse, he's out of bed again!' 😆

    • Marsha MacMillan

      Wanna earn a pisnack? 😂

    • Nullifye

      It's so amazing when they describe with context, "Dalt's outside, Tori!" And I thought "fire" was random, but there really was an "outsire" being built! Nice, Apollo!

    • Billy Sanford

      It's cute in short bursts, but I can bet Apollo's constant chatter would wear on me 😅Especially if he yells "Fire!"

    • Nate danktators

      Anyone else notice the ed edd and eddy them at the end

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