This is the cage that I’v build for my eclectus Charlie and military macaw Divino. They get along pretty good, even if Dino can be a little bit “bossy” at ti…

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    7 replies to "Homemade cage for macaw and eclectus parrot"

    • RadCatBlakat

      I would love to make something like that and adopt a bunch of rescue parrots. I think if it happens to be a bottom floor with a window, i’ll just convert the window into an opening that’ll lead outdoors into a big pretty aviary c: I just want to make birdies in need happy and healthy<3

    • 19CHARBEL96

      This a great homemade cage!! Good job man !! But does any of the parrots chew the woods or cut the wires with their powerful beak??

    • Liisa Befrene

      Hi! I noticed the date stamp on your video & am wondering, how is the wood holding up now. curious it’s been a few months. Is all good or have they started chewing it? Beautiful birds btw 🙂

    • bleckpenna

      do you mean when i build it? It needed to be done, but i really enjoyed building it 🙂 tanks!

    • OfficialChannelForMe

      I canot belive how bored you where ;), but anyways its awesome

    • bleckpenna

      thank you! Will problebly not make a video on eclectus care since I’m not really an expert. If you are considering keeping parrots as pets, remember that these are complicated animals who are not at all adapted for a life in captivity and taking good care of them takes a lot of time and commitment.

    • ig8520

      Wow! Pretty looking electus and a dazzling military macaw! i wish I had birds like yours! Can you please make a video on how to care for electus parrots? Thanks, bleckpenna!

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