He was sitting in my lap and started clucking stepping back and forth. This is an Amazon mating dance!

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    2 replies to "Hormonal Amazon parrot clucking like a chicken"

    • Katherine Chapman

      I have two Yellow Crowned Amazons…my female Abby does this on the bottom of her cage, clucks REALLY loud and paws at her ball, moving it all around with her feet, I thought she was about to lay an egg!! She only does it every few months. I take her balls away so not to encourage her,she rolls them around like she's turning an egg.!.Im not sure how she is as I rescued her 10 yrs ago, she's not banded.Now today my 10 yr old male Lyric, is doing it too..Only he doesn't cluck quite so loudly! They have separate cages as I don't want them breeding.. Glad to see its normal !! Guess my baby boy is growing up!!! lol Your Fonzy is so sweet and gentle…he really loves YOU !!

    • speak to bird

      so sweeet aaaw 🙂 loveee it

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